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5 Best Spy Gear for Kids – Reviews & Buying Guide

Many of us in our childhood dreamed about being a cool spy that works with high-tech gadgets and solves mysteries. You might remember getting a new spy gadget or learning a new trick to surprise your friends at school while you were a child. These tricks and best spy gear might seem nosey or useless to some parents, but they have a significant impact on your child’s mental growth. They create innumerable possibilities for your child to have a fun experience while they learn and polish their skills. Additionally, as time progresses, you can increase the complexity of the toys you purchase for your kids. The increased difficulty would push them to do better and develop further mental skills for constant positive growth.

Overcoming the challenges involved in solving a problem or a puzzle gives your children a sense of achievement and pride within themselves. It provides a boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem as this prepares them for other challenges in life.

Although these tools are immensely beneficial and fun to play with, they have some risks involved for your little one. Each toy has a certain complexity level and possible hazardous parts. You need to choose a spy toy that suits your child’s needs and helps him grow. Hence, this buying guide will take you through a learning journey that will help you make an informed and sound decision.

5 Best Spy Gear for Kids Product Reviews

#1 Invisible Disappearing Ink Pen Marker Secret with UV Light by Sypen


  • Simple to use;
  • UV light torch;
  • Easily portable.


  • Ink doesn’t disappear without a wash.

Invisible Disappearing Ink Pen by Sypen is a spy tool for kids. This invisible disappearing ink marker serves as a fun tool for kids to play games. It’s also an excellent idea for a kid’s party gift.

This packet includes twelve markers (six pairs of different colors). The market contains invisible disappearing ink, and the cap has a UV light torch. You can operate the torch with the help of a simple button. The ink of the marker is only visible under UV light hence kids can enjoy using it for secret fun activities. After writing on any surface with this marker leave it to dry for a few seconds. When the ink dries, hover the UV light torch over it to reveal the words. The pens uses batteries that the manufacturers include in the packaging.

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#2 SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera


  • High-end camera;
  • SD card;
  • Smartphone control.


  • Flies off when goes out of range.

SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone is a remote-controlled, WiFi operated drone featuring an HD camera. This drone has several fascinating technical features like smart voice control, gravity control, 3D view mode, gesture control, and trajectory flight.

This SNAPTAIN drone has powerful propellers along with Hover Set Height functionality (Altitude hold function) which allows steady hovering at high altitudes. The ends of the propellers are usually more fragile and require extra protection. To ensure a safe flight, the sturdy propeller guards protect the drone from collisions

SNAPTAIN drone has a 720p HD camera that provides video transmission within the range of up to 80 yards. You can save the recorded footage in a mounted SD card and edit or upload directly from your iPhone or iPad. It also contains a built-in G-sensor which allows easy control by adjusting the horizontal and vertical position of your smartphone through the SNAPTAIN Era App. Additionally, the single-button take off/ landing feature makes it easy to operate for beginners. The gesture and voice control features allow functioning and operating the device from a distance.

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#3 Spy X Micro Gear Set with Utility Belt


  • Very affordable;
  • Micro listener, Micro ear light;
  • Convenient to wear.


  • Bad invisible ink pen.

The SpyX utility belt with Micro spy tools is one of the indispensable spy gadgets in the hands of a trained spy. Every spy needs a collection of sophisticated spy gadgets to prosecute missions. This spyX utility belt provides the agent the right tool he needs because they mostly operate in dangerous theaters and would need to be highly covert to remain alive and safe. But hey! Don’t get too worked-up or serious, the spyX utility belt is designed for kids and not meant for serious use.

The SpyX is intended to fit the wearer’s waist and shoulder perfectly because it has a flexible web design. This utility belt has well-designed holders that make it easy to keep and access your important spy equipment. The belt can hold vital spy gadgets such as Micro listener, Motion Alarm, Micro ear light and invisible ink pen. The SpyX utility belt is produced by SpyX surveillance systems, one of the world’s most renowned makers of surveillance systems and spy gadgets.

Children always want to catch fun especially when they try to emulate your favorite spy character, and the SpyX utility belt will give your kids good fun. You don’t have to worry about its ability to handle tension and stress because it is designed to withstand the stress of physical activity, which is very common when it comes to kids; they can be very rough sometimes. To ensure your children get the best from these spy gadgets, you’ll need to purchase them in pairs or at least for their friends as well, so everyone can participate and catch fun.

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#4 ALEX Toys Super Sleuth Kit


  • Builds mental skills;
  • Included batteries;
  • Included fun gadgets.


  • No included bag to carry the tools.

ALEX Toys Super Sleuth Kit is a set of cool gadgets for kids that help build their educational, observatory, and creative skills. This gear kit allows children to come up with imaginative ways of being a good detective. Your child can make different IDs, work with fingerprints, and learn various codes for a fun gaming experience.

The packaging of ALEX Toys Sleuth Kit includes fingerprint tools, magnifying glass, spy glasses, markers, flashlight, batteries, a set of codes, and an instruction manual. The instruction manual has all the information and details your child needs to operate the tools. Your child can solve crimes and overcome obstacles to solve a fake detective mystery. Manufacturers recommend these gadgets for kids that are above eight years old.

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#5 Spy X-Night Vision Binoculars


  • Good battery life;
  • Good focal length;
  • Portable and lightweight design.


  • Difficulty in correcting double images.

The SpyX night vision binoculars aren’t like your standard night vision equipment or device. They are one of the coolest spy gadgets for kids, solely designed for children and shouldn’t be used in place of good high-end night vision binoculars. Kids love geeky, unique gadgets and would love to own the gadgets seen in the movies. The SpyX night vision Binocular is a budget night vision gadget designed mainly for adventurous kids and juveniles, making it one of the best spy gadgets for kids. Despite the fact that this amazing binocular is cheap, it still possesses some state-of-the-art features typically seen in high-end products. It has infrared technology incorporated in its design, which is a major component of night vision equipment.

SpyX products are spy gadgets for kids and juveniles, and should not be taken for serious missions or night assignments. But for the price it commands, the SpyX night vision binocular will make a good buy for an adventurous kid. When compared to other high-end night vision binoculars, you would discover that the SpyX night vision binocular is quite affordable especially when you take into consideration the amazing features it possesses.

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Informative Section/Buying Guide

Parents are often skeptical about spending money on complex toy products for their child that is fun but have associated risks. Of course, every parent wants what’s best for their child, so make sure to thoroughly research and inform yourself about the gadget or toy before making a purchase. You might have several questions about spy gadgets for kids, and the following FAQs will answer most of them to help you make a better decision.

Should I allow my kids to play with best spy gear alone?

Kids spy gear usually has all the child-proof precautions to keep the user safe and sound during their adventures. However, we advise you to supervise your child while he’s involved in such activities. This practice can help you prevent injuries and ensure safety.

What are the benefits of spy gadgets for my child?

These gadgets and tools have an instructional design that involves your child in a learning experience that enhances their mental, social, and problem-solving skills. Role-playing during these games results in the development of their cognitive functions and increases social competency.

What are the best gadgets for toddlers? 

Toddlers have very little understanding of their surroundings, and they are continuously trying to learn through daily endeavors. You need to provide them with gadgets that suit their mental and growth needs. A toy too complicated for them to understand might just be useless and a waste of money. Thoroughly go through the detailed product descriptions in this buying guide to purchase the perfect toy for your toddler.


These toys listed above are definitely one of the best spy gears for kids you could purchase anytime you want to surprise your kids. As earlier mentioned kids love geeky toys; most notably spy gears. They fantasize about these toys day and night and would want to be in your good books to own a piece of them. Knowing which one to purchase can help you avoid making wrong choices because you don’t want to acquire a product (Spy toy) that would pack up in a month or two. So it’s better you seek expert opinion so as to avoid the pitfalls of shopping online, most especially when it relates to spy gear for kids. Shop smart! Impress your kids by getting them one of these cool toys listed above. To see other spy gear for kids, check out Amazon below:

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