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The Best Nipple Covers of 2024 – Why They Work & How To Use Guide

Women have come a long way since the constrictive days of waist-tightening corsets. Now, women are free to look however they want without the worries of meeting strict social standards. When it comes to breasts, there are many undergarments that allow you to wear a variety of clothing styles while still having the support and coverage you need. 

One particular type of undergarment is nipple covers. They are becoming increasingly popular because it allows women to skip bras while still keeping their nipples concealed, supported, and concealed. We all know how much protruding nipples that show through clothing can cause such a commotion in public settings. It is easy to become embarrassed for being too revealing in front of others or at a conservative event.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with women who want to show themselves naturally. However, some prefer to wear clothing while having a seamless look. them

Besides not letting your nipples protrude through clothing, nipple covers are also great for preventing all types of nip slips.

We have all seen dreadful clips where celebrities have wardrobe malfunctions. Just one little unexpected slip-up and your nipples may end up on the next viral video on YouTube for the world to see!

Continue reading to learn more about nipple covers with this complete buyer’s guide. We will show you the top 5 best nipple covers of 2024 and teach you how to buy the best choice and also how to use them.

Let’s get started!

Quick Picks of Top 5 Best Nipple Covers of 2024

ProductFabric TypeSecureColorPrice
Reusable Adhesive Silicone Pink PetalsGrade SiliconeNot WaterproofPinkSee on Amazon
Nippies Skin – Silicone Nippies100% Medical Grade Invisifeel SiliconeWaterproofCaramelSee on Amazon
Hollywood Fashion SecretsSilicone Not WaterproofLightSee on Amazon
Dimore – 4 Pairs Nipple CoversEco-Friendly Silicone Not WaterproofNude-4pSee on Amazon
Diravo 8 Pairs Silicone Nipple Covers100% SiliconeWaterproofNudeSee on Amazon

1. Reusable Adhesive Silicone Pink Petals

2 Pairs Adhesive Silicone Nipple Cover For DressThese convenient reusable silicone nipple covers provide full coverage with high-grade materials. They are washable and allow the user to get many uses out of them. The manufacturer has improved the quality of the product in an effort to provide better adhesion and prevent the non-stick shedding of the nipple cover. You will feel more confident knowing that they won’t move out of place or fall off when you least expect it.

The covers are designed with a matte finish to allow you to wear more types of garments. They are a perfect size to discretely put in your handbag. Although they may not be suitable for all sizes, with a 2.65″ diameter, these nipple covers will certainly fit most women.

This model is very comfortable and often feels like you are not wearing anything at all.

Top 3 Features

  • Reusable: These hand washable covers allow you to feel fresh every time you use them. You will get many uses out of them before having to replace them.
  • Grade Silicone Material: Silicone is a versatile material that naturally sticks to the skin. It is hypoallergenic, easy to wash and recycle.
  • Easy to Carry: These nipple covers are small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag.


Their design features a thicker texture in the middle with thinner edges for a more natural appearance. The matte finish allows you more flexibility to wear them with many types of clothing.


  • Reusable and washable for extended use;
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag;
  • Silicone grade material is durable and safe for the skin.


  • They only come in one shade of pink which is not suitable far darker skin tones;
  • The diameter may not be suitable for plus size women;
  • Some customers complain of the covers being visible through clothing.


2. Nippies Skin – Waterproof Silicone Nippies with Travel Box

Adhesive Silicone Pasties with Travel BoxThese ultra-soft nipple covers are made from Invisifeel silicone for the most quality and comfort. They are gentle while strongly adhering to the skin. Their super-thin material covers the nipple without showing the lining through clothing.

The matte finish works well with most clothing and you will feel more confident knowing that it does not reflect light through sheer clothing. These eco-friendly nipple covers are made with medical-grade silicone, which is reusable and washable.

Top 3 Features

  • Washable and Reusable: Very easy to clean with lukewarm water and soap for the most sanitary and fresh feel.
  • Durable Medical Grade Silicone: Will not cause skin irritations and will remain intact even after extended use.
  • Waterproof: Firmly adhere to your nipples even when sweating at the gym.


Made for active women, these nipple covers are designed to withstand hours of activity even at the gym or the dance floor. They are made with an ultra-thin material that looks natural and does not show its lining through clothing. The soft Invisifeel silicone provides maximum comfort and is safe for the skin.Nippies Skin Design


  • Waterproof is ideal for a night of dancing or workouts at the gym;
  • Eco-friendly material is reusable and washable;
  • Comes in three shades to match various skin tones.


  • Size may not fit plus size women;
  • Slightly more pricey than other brands;
  • Might be too thin for some women.


3. Gentle Hollywood Fashion Secrets Silicone Coverups For Medium Skin Tones

Comfortable nipple concealers give you an ultra smooth appearance!These nipple covers are specifically made for medium skin tones. They provide complete coverage while their ultra-thin material does not allow the lining to show through clothing. You can wear them up to 25 times with proper care. The material is reusable and washable for the most comfort and hygiene.

The hypoallergenic silicone material is very gentle even for those with sensitive skin. Made with a strong adhesive, it stays on your nipple even through rigorous activity, but won’t leave red marks or imprints on your skin.

Top 3 Features

  • Hypoallergenic Silicone: Made with quality materials that are gentle on the skin.
  • Reusable and Washable: You may use up to 25 times with proper care.
  • Tapered Edge: Feel confident knowing that the lining won’t show through clothing.


Hollywood Fashion Secrets is a brand that focuses on providing well-designed products. This nipple covers conceal the nipples with a tapered edge design that won’t let the lining show through clothing. They are hypoallergenic and have a strong adhesive, but they are easy to remove and don’t leave marks on your skin.


  • Stay fresh and feel comfortable with their washable material;
  • Thin design and tapered edge allows a smooth appearance;
  • Easy to wash with soap and water for up to 25 uses.


  • It may not be appropriate for lighter complexions since they only come in a medium skin tone;
  • Size may not be suitable for plus-size women.


4. Long-Lasting Breast Lift Reusable Nipple Covers by Dimore

Reusable Adhesive Breast Lift Nipple CoversThese nipple covers have many unique features that are not commonly seen amongst competitors. They are washable and reusable with more than 25 times the durability of other brands. Their eco-friendly silicone material is gentle on the skin and won’t leave any marks on your skin after removal.

Designed with a round shape, these nipple covers are appropriate for various occasions including wedding dresses or swimwear. Their protective film allows you to cover and preserve the adhesive after every wash.

Top 3 Features

  • Washable and Reusable: Stay fresh, this brand provides 25 times the durability as other brands.
  • Made with Eco-Friendly Silicone: This feature allows for maximum quality without causing irritations to the skin.
  • Round and Thin Design: Allows you to look natural and does not show through clothing.


Made with the ability to lift your breasts while providing coverage. Stay confident as these nipple covers conceal your nipple and give your breast a lift. They are designed round and thick to be used with many types of outfits.


  • Has a lifting ability to make your breast look their best;
  • Strong adhesive will stick to your skin through heavy-duty activities, but won’t irritate your skin;
  • Reusable and washable material stays fresh 25 times longer than those on the market.


  • Only comes in one shade which may not be suitable for some skin tones;
  • Since may not be suitable for plus-size women.


5. Budget-Friendly and Waterproof Diravo Nude Silicone Reusable Nipple Covers

Women's Reusable Adhesive Invisible Pasties Nippleless CoversThese convenient nipple covers are made from 100% eco-friendly silicone material. They are gentle enough even for sensitive skin. Their waterproof allows you to confidently go to the gym for a sweaty workout or be on the dance floor for hours while they remain on your skin.

Because of their washable and reusable feature, you will be able to wear them until the adhesive finally stops working. They come in a pack of eight with a travel case for an economic purchase. For the same price, some brands only provide one pair of nipple covers, however, the quality may be different.

Top 3 Features

  • Made with 100% Silicone Material: Eco-friend silicone is used to provide the highest standards.
  • Waterproof: They will stay in place even after sweating at the gym.
  • Comes in a Pack of 8: The multiple pairs in one package allow you to have enough nipple covers for every occasion at an affordable price.


The design is thick enough to provide good coverage, but they are still invisible enough that you won’t see them through clothing. Some customers have reported that the lining shows, but for the most part, the product has good ratings.


  • Washable and reusable for the most comfort and hygiene;
  • Strong adhesive with proper care even after multiple uses;
  • Waterproof feature allows you to use it at the gym or anywhere you might build up a sweat.


  • Only comes in one shade not suitable for darker skin tones;
  • Not appropriate for longer use above 6 hours;
  • May be visible under certain fabrics.


How to Choose Nipple Covers – Buying Guide

Nipple covers are a great solution for achieving coverage while wearing many stylish garments such as strapless blouses and dresses and semi-sheer fabrics. They are perfect for evening gowns or wedding dresses, but strong enough to get sweaty under gym clothes.

There are many types of nipple covers available on the market. They can be made from various materials, designs, and diameters. You may purchase them in different colors to resemble your skin tone. Nipple covers come with different features including being waterproof, washable, and reusable.


Look for nipple covers that are thin enough to provide a seamless look. However, you still want them to be thick enough to fully cover the nipple, but not too thick as some of them have linings that show through the fabric.

Some nipple covers feature a different thickness on the edges so that they don’t show through fabrics. This is something important to consumers as some complaint about the nipple covers outline showing through their clothes.


The best material is medical-grade siliconeThe best material is medical-grade silicone which has proven to be hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. High-quality silicone will not irritate your skin, is odorless, and is very durable. Some nipple covers use low-grade silicone that performs poorly. With high-quality material, the nipple covers will easily adhere to your skin without leaving red marks behind.

Washable and Reusable

One very important feature you may want to consider is a product that can be washed and reused. You will stay clean and feel fresh if you can wear a product that can be washed after every use. Plus, washing silicone nipple covers helps to maintain the adhesive function for longer. By being able to reuse them, you will help the environment and get more value for your purchase.


Most consumers prefer a waterproof nipple cover that they can take to the gym for a sweaty workout or a long night of dancing. Some waterproof nipple covers are very strong while at the same time easy to remove. The right product will adhere well to your skin, but will not leave red marks behind.

A waterproof feature is essential for special occasions such as weddings and wearing a swimsuit.

Skin Tones

Carrying CaseYou must consider the shade of your skin tone as many products only offer a pink or light color. If you have darker skin, you will want to search for a brand that matches your complexion. This feature is important, especially when wearing sheer garments.

There are instances where the wrong color nipple cover can show through the flashes of a camera or when directly in the sunlight. By choosing a nipple cover that matches your complexion, you will feel confident no matter what you are wearing or where you are.

Carrying Case

It is very convenient to choose nipple covers that are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Those that come in a carrying case or travel box provide you with an easy way to take them anywhere while keeping them protected from damage. A carrying case allows you to conveniently use them during any type of Some nipple covers come in attractive travel boxes or zippered pouches that look great anywhere you go.

Price and Quantity

You will notice a wide range of prices and quantities. Although it is great to receive multiple pairs for the price of one, you must consider the quality of the product. Some brands only offer one pair but are made with more durability than others. A feature that will prove to be economical is their reusability and washability.

By selecting those that you can wash and reuse, you will save a significant amount of money. Of course, price is not an issue for everyone, so just be sure you choose a quality product that provides you with multiple uses. Some brands are durable enough to be used and rewashed more than 25 times.

How to Use Nipple Covers – Ultimate Guide

Time needed: 2 minutes

Knowing how to properly use your nipple covers is an important factor in how effective they will be. Using them is simple and maintaining them involves easy tasks that will keep them in their best shape.

Here is the step-by-step guide for using nipple covers:

  1. Clean and Dry Your Skin

    Start by gently cleaning your breasts with warm water and soap. Dry your skin thoroughly with a towel and let it air out for a couple of minutes until your skin has absorbed all the moisture. Avoid using lotions, perfumes, or any products on the skin where you will adhere to the nipple cover.
    Start by gently cleaning your breasts with warm water and soap

  2. Use a Clean Nipple Cover

    Be sure the nipple cover is clean and free of any dust, grease, or dirt. It is best to always wash your nipple covers after every use, let them dry, and put them back in their storage case. Some brands offer some type of lining to cover the adhesive side between uses to protect them from the environment and make them last longer.
    Be sure the nipple cover is clean and free of any dust, grease, or dirt

  3. Choose the Right Cover For Your Outfit

    You might need to purchase different nipple covers to match the colors of your outfits. Choose may a nude color to match your skin with lighter garments while choosing a darker cover for darker clothing. Also, consider if you will be out where bright lights including the sun can shine on you. This is very important if you will be taking pictures.
    Follow Instructions on the Label

  4. Follow Instructions on the Label

    Not all nipple covers are made the same. Self-adhesive models will not require glue. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for use. Once you applied them, press down on your nipple for a few seconds to help them adhere well.
    Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for use

  5. Test Them At Home Before Going Out

    This is an important step especially if you are preparing for a big event. It is important that you know your nipple covers you well. You will want to try how they will feel and see their performance for a long period of time. Perhaps you may put them to the test days before your event to make sure that you don’t experience any uncomfortable scenarios on an important day.
    It is important that you know your nipple covers you well

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are nipple covers comfortable to wear?

Comfort can vary depending on the material and fit of the nipple covers. Silicone and fabric covers tend to be more comfortable, while adhesive covers may cause skin irritation.

Can nipple covers be worn with a swimsuit?

Yes, nipple covers are often used with swimwear to provide additional coverage or prevent nipples from showing through.

Can nipple covers be worn with any type of clothing?

Nipple covers can be worn under any type of clothing, but may show through lighter or more fitted fabrics.

Are nipple covers safe to use?

Nipple covers are generally considered safe, but it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid using covers that are damaged or past their expiration date. Some people may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions to adhesive covers.

Are there different sizes and shapes of nipple covers available?

Yes, there are different sizes, shapes, and styles of nipple covers available to suit different clothing styles, body types, and personal preferences.

Can nipple covers be worn during physical activity?

It depends on the type of nipple covers being used. Adhesive covers may come loose during physical activity, while silicone and fabric covers may provide a more secure fit.

Do nipple covers protect against sun exposure?

Nipple covers do not provide sun protection, so it’s important to use a separate sunblock for the chest area.

How to store nipple covers?

Reusable nipple covers should be stored in a clean, dry place when not in use. Disposable covers should be stored in their original packaging until ready for use.


The industry for female garments is always producing new technology to provide women with more options. There are many advances in the way undergarments are designed to provide the most comfort and functionality. We will continue to see different types of nipple covers with new features and improvements.

Nipple covers work great for many women. They allow you to wear a wide selection of outfits without limiting yourself because of backless cuts or sheer fabrics that don’t work well with bras.

Choosing a quality nipple cover is going to be an essential factor to consider when making your purchase decision. As tempting as it may be to buy brands that offer many pairs for the price of one, you will quickly notice the difference in performance. This is the type of product that is worth spending a little more money on to ensure the best quality.

By considering each point in the buying guide, you will be able to select nipple covers that are optimal for your needs. This great invention is opening many possibilities when it comes to style and comfort. Once you try them, you will see why they are becoming such an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe.

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