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5 Essentials You Did Not Know Your Bedroom Needs

The bedroom should be a sanctuary from the world. A place you decorate to please you and are naturally comfortable.

But what else does an ideal bedroom need?

Most people miss out on what is vital for their bedroom to enhance the experience by copying what others are doing instead of what makes them comfortable and suits their personality. A Stearns and Foster’s comfort mattress is a must-have. But what other additions are best for your sleep space to make it a lovelier space. Don’t miss out anymore, and try some of the five things below to transform your space.

1. A Bedside Pendant

If you are planning to redecorate your sleeping space. A bedside pendant is an addition you need to consider. Wall light or pendants are best to free up your bedside table. The available space makes it feel luxurious, and you can style it artfully instead of having a glass of water, phone, and books around the lamp. When ready to redesign, call your electrician and ask how much it costs and how disruptive the installation will be. More importantly, ensure you get the pendant height right and consider getting a pendant light with wing arms to make it easier to adjust.

2. An Upholstered Cube

Any bedroom needs one or more of these cubes as they are ideal for multitasking. Plus, they do not take up a lot of floor space. You can team an upholstered cube with a dressing table, use it as a seat when pulling your jeans, swap it as a bedside surface, and you can tuck it out of the way. Plus, many other ways you can use it to your advantage. Consider cubes that blend with the pieces of your bedroom to avoid making them look out of place. You can have rugged leather, patterns, bold colors, and the list is endless.

3. A Proper Breakfast Tray

Breakfast in bed may be rare. But, on special occasions, you need a good breakfast tray. A tray with legs is best to avoid balancing a flat version on your legs or having to juggle cups and plates in bed. Opt for a tray with folding legs, and it is easy to store it when it is not in use. Today, there are many trays you can consider, including some for holding laptops. However, experts recommend laptops, tablets or TV tray stay out of your bedroom at night for better sleep. Thus, save your tray for juice, coffee, and croissants in the morning.

4. A Bookshelf

Bedroom book nooks are vital for your favorites, about-to-read, to which you will always return to and an ideal place to keep books you are not willing to lend out. Even a small bedroom can accommodate a bookshelf if you choose over-the-bed shelving, which is better and does not impinge on the floor area. Also, another good use of dead space is over the door. Optionally, in bigger spaces, built-in shelving along one side of the room works, while a display opposite the end of the bed is ideal and offers a pleasant view.

5. Pillow and Throw Stash Space

When you make your bed, you do not leave it bare. You dress it up. Here the extra throws and pillows are the ideal daytime layers, but discarding them to the floor or sideways is not a relaxing or good look. Therefore, opt for a storage ottoman and dedicate it to pieces you use to style or decorate your bed. The end of the bed is a convenient place to have it or the space under the window.


To sum up, the above are some of the things you thought you did not need and are essential in your bedroom. There are more you can add. There is no right or wrong thing to add, as long as it does not compromise comfort. It is easy to add these essentials to any bedroom space to enhance the vibe of your room. Plus, take your time as you choose the must-haves for your bedroom space. There is no perfect formula to follow, but you can create a perfect dwelling for your bedroom.

Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker
Samantha is a mother of two kids, so is well-versed in the best toys for kids and household goods. She has acquired two master's degrees and many hours of doctoral work. She enjoys writing, painting, teaching, and research. Samantha has an encyclopedic knowledge of cooking food, and is always looking for chances to expand on that. When she's not working, she likes playing video games, watching old movies, and keeping up with pop culture.


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