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Best Schumacher JumpStarters for 2021

Schumacher jump-starters have taken the market by storm and offer stiff competition among the leaders in the market. Schumacher is one of the leading companies for car accessories. Their products are durable, quality and deliver a power-packed performance for a long time. But the primary focus of their products is jump-starters. Their jump-starters are excellent in quality and perform efficient functions for a longer duration.

This blog will highlight some of the best Schumacher jump-starters that are available in the market today. It will also highlight why to go for Schumacher jump-starters as compared to others.

Schumacher SC1305 50 Amp 10 Amp 12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

This contemporary jumpstarter is loaded with advanced features, making it a sought after product. Comprising a microprocessor that can automatically adjust the amperage, 50A powerful engine for instant charge and 10A boost mode, this jump-starter is good on expectations. It also features multi-stage charging, float mode for maintaining an optimum temperature and reverse hook up damage protection.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR128 2000 Lithium Pro Jump Starter

This sleek jump-starter is a great gadget to have in your car, every time you go out. Available in a sleek finish, this jump-starter offers 2000 peak amps to charge the battery instantly. Consisting of 4-gauge, 20″ cables, and clamps, this device comes with a corrosion-proof case. With such an ergonomic gadget as this, you will never have to worry about a car wreck again.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR119 Jumpstarter

This Schumacher jump-starter delivers 1800 peak amps charge combined with 12V DC power for mobiles. It contains a sealed lead-acid AGM battery, LED indicators, and heavy-duty clamps. It also offers convenient jump-starter accessories like heavy-duty clamps, top-and side-mount batteries, a 4-gauge, and 28″ flex performance cable.

Schumacher DSR ProSeries DSR114 2200 Amp 12V Rechargeable AGM Pro Jump Starter

This efficient jump-starter offers a 350 CCA for powerful functioning, 2A external automatic charger, 12V DC outlet for phone charging, and an easy-to-read LED display. Priced at $171, this product should surely be a part of all your car journeys.

Schumacher SJ1330 1000 Amp 12V Rechargeable AGM Jump Starter

This professional jump-starter offers a powerful 1000 amps to charge your dead car battery instantly. It features a 12 V port, PSI compressor, auto-shutoff feature and built-in ultra-light. It also has an indicator to display the battery level. Prices at an affordable cost of $100, this surely will go a long way.

Schumacher SC1281 100 Amp 30 Amp 6V/12V Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger

This smart jump-starter offers a boost of 30A and 1600 A of jumpstart. Its powerful and efficient battery makes it ideal for larger vehicles like trucks, SUVs etc. Featuring a multi-stage charging, auto-voltage detection, reverse hook-up protection and battery tester, this jump-starter is a must-have in your car.

Why Should you Choose Schumacher Brand?

Schumacher is a world-class leader in manufacturing some of the finest accessories. They offer quality products that are durable, resistant, and flexible. Their products combine ergonomic features with sleek built to offer flawless and powerful performance. Thus, for jump-starters, no other brand can equal the jump-starters of Schumacher’s.

Key Takeaway

Battery and jump-starters go hand in hand. It is important to always go for branded car tools and accessories as they come with a warranty and quality. If you are new to the concept of jump-starter, then Schumacher is a great brand to start with.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
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