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Best Digital Thermometer for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

Having a cold or fever isn’t a pretty experience. It happens to many people, adults and children alike. But the first step to getting well is making sure that you’re sick in the first place. That means drinking plenty of fluids, eating well, and checking body temperature. But did you know that the latter requires little physical interaction with it to be useful?

Digital thermometers are built so that they provide accurate readings with fewer repeats. They can alert you to early fever signs, something that could point to potentially more harmful illnesses. It’s even better for children since they tend to be the source of many viruses and germs spreading among their peer group. Here are five high-quality thermometers for you to consider using for your baby, toddler, or child.

Quick Picks of Top 5 Digital Thermometer for Kids of 2021

ProductAge rangeTypeReading speedPrice
Braun ThermoScan 7Babies to AdultsTympanic (Ear)3-5 seconds
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iProven NCT-978Babies to AdultsContactless1-2 seconds
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FridaBaby 3-in-1 True TempBabies to KidsRectal, Axillary, Oral10 and 30 second quick-reads
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iProven DTR-1221AToddlers to Adults Oral1-20 seconds
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Kinsa QuickCare Smart ThermometerToddlers to AdultsOral, Axillary, Rectal1-30 seconds
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Five Digital Thermometers that Work Great for Children

1. Braun ThermoScan 7 – Best ear thermometer (Editor’s Choice)

Digital Ear Thermometer for Toddlers and KidsThe Braun ThermoScan 7 is black and grey, lightweight, and very strong. It goes in the ear and has covers to place over it to keep it clean for repeat use. It doesn’t have to be placed too far inside the ears to get good results, just gently move the tip towards the center of the ear canal, being extra careful if doing this with babies.

Safe for the Whole Family

The ThermoScan works for more than just babies. You could use it yourself when you’re not feeling well and suspect a fever coming through. There’s not much difficulty in learning it for the first time. On top of this, the design is very sturdy and holds. Even if you were to read people’s body temp with it all day, your hands would never feel exhausted from the weight of the thermometer. This is important, particularly when you’re ready to store it for later use at another time. Just slide it in your favorite drawer, it’ll fit and remain in the same condition that it was in when you first used it.

The ears are a good location for reading thermometers, especially for children that aren’t fond of receiving temp readings from armpits or the rectum. They’ll quickly adapt to the ear technique. It’s no different than a doctor providing a quick ear exam during a physical at a clinic. Adults are the same. Just remember to clean it after every use, even if you’re covering the tips.

Recommended by pediatricians who recommend a brand

In areas where there’s room for improvement, the LED screen on the device could be brighter. If the place you’re using it has lots of bright lights, you may find yourself placing your hand over the screen for shade, just for you to see what’s displayed on it. Places with natural lighting should be okay, though you might encounter frustration when attempting to read in an outdoor setting. But besides this minor inconvenience, there’s nothing that should prevent you from considering a purchase of the Braun ThermoScan 7. It’s great for kids and useful for adults.


  • Very compact and easy to store anywhere;
  • Can be used according to the user’s age, whereby features change from child to infant;
  • Quick to put away, thanks to its lightweight but durable carrying case;
  • Useful for people that like to prefer their children’s temp be read by inserting from the ears.


  • Dim LED screen;

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2. iProven NCT-978 Infrared Thermometer – Best Contactless Thermometer (People’s Choice)

Infrared Thermometer Kids and Babies by iProvenThe iProven NCT-978 Thermometer has a few tricks up its sleeve that grant it a strong recommendation on the list. At first glance, it doesn’t really resemble a conventional digital thermometer at all. One could easily mistake it for something different, such as a barcode scanner or even a blowdryer. So what makes this product stand out the most? For one, it’s the practicality behind using it for children.

No Touching Required

Let’s say that you were watching a room filled with kids at a school, and wanted to ensure none of them were sick with a fever. What would be the best method for carrying this out? Checking their temperature with an old-fashioned thermometer is out of the question since those would take too long, potentially becoming a sanitary issue as well. You would have to clean it and sanitize it every time it was used, something that the parents probably wouldn’t be too happy about.

But with the iProven, you benefit from having infrared technology built into the device. This can provide temperature readings to people that are within reach of the scanner. In this case, it would be small children. Aim it at the place where you would check for a fever with a normal thermometer, such as the forehead. Within seconds, you’ll get a precise temperature reading. But the best part is that you don’t even need to indicate what temperature should cause concern for a child with a high fever.

With a beeping fever alarm and color changing screenThat’s because there are color-coded readings. For example, if someone you scan with the iProven has a reading above 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit, the digital display will change its color to either orange or red. Orange indicates a high body temperature, but one that could be temporary. On the other hand, red is a sign that the scanned individual should seek medical attention. It’s important to scan again anytime the reading displays orange or red.

Besides this, the iProven also comes with its own set of batteries for you to use. You don’t have to buy any, at least when it first arrives. Those provided should last you for at least two weeks or longer, depending on the product’s usage. The handle is plastic but comfortable. It feels lighter than it looks, so no hand fatigue will develop if you anticipate using it for longer than an hour.

This product would be better if it didn’t contain batteries and were wireless. Even while the batteries are good, they won’t last forever. Additionally, there’s a layer of protective film over the reader, including the portion where the screen is built. If attempting to remove it, there’s a good chance that bits of the film will remain on the display screen.

What do people like most about the iProven? Users compliment its lightweight body, easy-to-figure out controls, and fast reading times. The average is about one or two seconds for the temps to show on the screen. Give it a try if you want a thermometer that’s quick and contactless.


  • Reads temperatures in seconds;
  • Comfortable to hold in the hands;
  • Batteries included with the product;
  • Color-coded indicators illuminate on the digital screen according to body temperature;
  • More sanitary by not requiring the users to touch any part of the body to get a reading.


  • The transparent protector over the digital screen is difficult to remove.

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3. FridaBaby 3-in-1 True Temp – Best for Babies

True Temp Digital Thermometer for Fevers, Babies & Kids (Rectal, Underarm + Oral)The FridaBaby, as its name shows, is a three in one temperature thermometer. What does it mean and how does it affect the performance of the product?

To begin, some digital thermometers make use of the feature that is common on older manual thermometers and digitize them with display readings on a digital screen. Although not contactless, having something that physically touches where a fever could easily be detected can provide good results with fewer repeat scans. And that’s where the FridaBaby comes into play.

With the FridaBaby, you can try it out in three areas. Keep in mind that there are two areas for adults and children, three for babies. If you’re getting this for a baby, a rectal temperature reading is possible. Rectal temperature readings are good for babies since they’re easier to deter fever in infants. The FridaBaby is also safe to use in a child’s mouth and underarms. However, be careful to wash the machine thoroughly before using it again.

Waiting for the Results

Readings are a bit longer than the average digital thermometer. It should take you no less than ten seconds to see the results of a successful reading. The digital display is small on the device, though the numbers take up all of the space in bold fonts. You should have no problems seeing the digits in a room with ordinary lighting.

10 and 30 second quick-reads

There’s also a carrying case included with the FridaBaby. It’s plastic but water-resistant, so you can safely take this out with you and use it on the fly. No dirt from the outside will seep into the machine, even if you were to put it away and only use it on occasions.

As for the negatives, there are hardly any at all. You might have to do more than one check to make sure that the temperature is precise, especially for babies. It could be off by a degree, either higher or lower. But in some cases, even a single degree over could spell trouble for the very young. Try another reading if your baby’s reading is higher than you expect it to be.

When the FridayBaby’s usefulness and features are scrutinized, it stands as a reasonable product to choose, more so for people with small infants. Consider getting more than one thermometer if you’re going to use it for more than one child.


  • Takes only ten seconds for readings to show up;
  • Safe to use for babies;
  • The thermometer is made for temperature reading done orally, under the arms, and in the rectum;
  • Easy to clean after use and is built for repeat usage;
  • Comes with a water-resistant carrying case.


  • May show inaccurate readings by one degree, especially for rectal readings.

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4. iProven DTR-1221A Oral Thermometer – Best for Toddlers

Oral Digital Medical Thermometer for Kids and Toddlers iProven makes more than one thermometer. The iProven Oral Thermometer is similar to its sister product reviewed above but has some noticeably different features that aren’t included in the other one. Let’s take a closer look.

The first thing you’ll notice that’s different about this thermometer is what it’s best for, as implicated by the name. It’s an oral thermometer but also doubles in use for infants as a rectal temp reader if need be. Babies often find it more comfortable to get temperature readings this way instead of in the mouth, since you may not be able to guide them in placing the top of it underneath their tongue.

And even if you did, it would be difficult to get a second reading in the same spot. The result of many oral temp readings in infants is lots of crying. Of course, all infants react differently, so what doesn’t work for one baby could be recommended to another.

Flexible and Strong

Going by iProven’s attributes, the thermometer is extremely flexible but strong. You could bend it almost to a 90-degree angle and it wouldn’t break. It’s also waterproof. Though you shouldn’t try to get it wet, using it in a place where it’s guaranteed to get drenched shouldn’t break anything.

Clean it in the sink when you’re done, preferably with something that kills most germs but is mild enough to prevent allergies from flaring up in a small child. The digital display is accurate in most instances, though you may get a bad reading every once in a while.

The biggest issue is the amount of time it takes for temperature results to show up. While the average is between one and 20 seconds, be prepared to wait as long as 30 seconds. If you’re the impatient type and need something that puts out readings fast, try out the other iProven product. But if you have a baby and child and don’t plan on using the thermometer for anyone else, the Oral Thermometer is suggested.

iProven instruction video


  • The thermometer’s tip is very flexible and can be placed in the mouth or rectum without causing discomfort;
  • The entire thermometer is waterproof and safe to use in outdoor conditions;
  • Safe to clean with dish soap;
  • Indicators accurately show whether a fever is present without relying on the degrees alone to gauge it.


  • Could be off by a degree or two, especially in hot environments;
  • May take a maximum of 20 seconds for readings to show.

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5. Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer – Best for Bluetooth Connectivity

Digital Medical Baby, Kid and Adult Termometr With AppLast is the Kinsa QuickCare, which is light blue in color and easy to spot when you lie down. It’s also the smaller thermometer on the list, though not the weaker link. It resembled more of the older thermometers but uses no mercury. From a beginning perspective, one might think of it as too rudimentary. But it’s actually one of the most advanced digital thermometers on the list. What gives it a technological edge over the others?

We live in a world that’s always connected. No matter where one goes today, it’s easy to run into people using smartphones, exchanging services over mobile applications, communicating with friends from far away, and connecting home devices with another tech. Most connections are done through either Bluetooth, WiFi, or a combination of both. The Kinsa has built-in Bluetooth for you to connect on its own web application, which is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Download the App to use with the Kinsa

With Bluetooth, you can record readings of your child’s temperature, which could be useful when visiting a doctor when they check for certain illnesses. You can also get the readings directly to your phone without relying on the thermometer’s own digital display. Readings can take a moment to show up. The time you must wait for ranges from one to 30 seconds. Most people will see readings in 10 seconds or less, however.

Once the readings are shown, you can choose what to do with it from your smartphone. If your child’s temperature is very high, the application can provide you with a path to calling the nearest hospital in your area. Other reasons could suggest you provide them with certain medications to get well again, though this may change according to the age of the child or adult using the thermometer.

Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself making more than one reading in one sitting. It’s not always accurate on the first go. You must make sure that you place the tip of the thermometer in the same spot as before if you do this. The first time might be good enough for most. As a whole, the Kinsa is recommended for its Bluetooth connectivity and size. It’s the most travel-friendly of all the thermometers shown.


  • Readings can be monitored and saved over Bluetooth when the app made by the product’s company is used;
  • Easy to use without reliance on the application;
  • Provides customers with a set of options to take after getting a temperature reading;
  • About as lightweight as a keychain;
  • The thermometer can be used without depending on the application.


  • It may take several attempts to get an accurate reading result.

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Digital Thermometer Buyer’s Guide

What Makes Digital Thermometers Best for Children?

Children are sensitive to many things that adults find normal. Shots are one example. Thermometers that are suggested for a child will usually have one thing in common, which is the ease of use, though not for the user themselves.

It should be easy for the child to handle without them fidgeting or becoming annoyed to the same degree as conventional thermometers. Another is good digital display screens. You want to read the screen without having to resort to eye squinting or changing rooms to gather more light for better visuals. The brighter the display, the better.

How Can a Digital Thermometer Be Used?

Many digital thermometers are used in two ways. The most common is with a rod-like piece placed underneath the armpits, below the tongue, or near the rectum in infants. The other is contactless, using infrared technology to read the temperature of anyone that comes into close contact with the scanner. After that, the temperature will show on either a digital display or another device synched with the thermometer.

What Are Some of The Setbacks of Modern Digital Thermometers?

There aren’t many issues with them. Digital thermometers are advised by doctors for parents and those watching children. The biggest concern is sanitary conditions with some of the thermometers, and accuracy. However, these problems are avoidable or easy to fix by either purchasing a contactless thermometer, thoroughly cleaning those with rods, or doing more than one reading to see if the temps change. Other problems could be a dependence on batteries and difficulty in reading the digital displays in places with bright lights.

Can Digital Thermometers Accurately Detect High Fevers?

Their purpose is built specifically for detecting a fever, so yes, more will do this without issue. The thermometers shown above aren’t only for children. They’re safe for adults as well. For thermometers with rods, you can check your temperature orally or under the arms. Older kids should be checked the same way.

What Are Some Characteristics of New Digital Thermometers?

The latest would be better connectivity to other devices for readings. Others would be shorter waiting periods than using mercury thermometers, easier controls, and a longer battery life regardless of brand.


Take home one of the digital thermometers shown above when you need an easy way to know when your kids are sick. They’re easy to use and maintain. Some are contactless while others are recommended for babies and toddlers. find the one that matches your preferences and use it at your convenience.

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