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Kamado Cooking – Beginner’s Guide

A kamado grill is a barbecue grill that uses a light source (such as a lamp or light bulb) to cook food. Before we begin, let us brush through some basics for those who are new to the Kamado grill. This blog, “Kamado Cooking Beginner’s Guide”, intends to be your guiding steps in using the Kamado Grill. This way, people can see this innovative tool in a new light and take full use of the benefits.

The kamado grill is a clay, ceramic, or metal oven-like structure covered and uses either charcoal briquettes or hardwood as fuel. The word “kamado” means stove in Japanese.

The Kamado Cooking Beginner’s Guide: In Detail

What is so Great About Kamado Grills?

What makes a Kamado Grill unique? A Kamado grill comes with a unique ceramic construction used to hold heat rather than the heat resting on the food, like other grills. Kamado grills are unique in that they are made from a ceramic material called “Kawartha stone.” This material is baked until it forms a high-quality ceramic that is heavy enough to cook but light enough to be portable.

The ceramic material is also extremely porous, allowing for even heat distribution. The design of Kamado grills is based on traditional Japanese cooking styles, and most of the materials used in their construction are sourced from Japan. Thus, in a nutshell, everything is great about Kamado grills.

Can You Smoke Food in a Kamado Grill?

Yes, you can! Using a Kamado grill is a great way to get the smoky flavor you crave. A Kamado grill is as close to the traditional smoker as you can get. Besides, it is easy to smoke on a Kamado grill. To smoke food on a Kamado grill, you need to get the airflow system right, and you need to start a fire.

The first few times you smoke food on a Kamado grill, start with an easy, non-greasy food like eggs or fish. Once you have smoked food on a Kamado grill a few times, you’ll be ready to try smoking fatty meats like bacon and sausage.

Pros of Kamado Grills

Heat Retention and Preserves the Smoky Flavor

Kamado grills are a brand of barbecue that uses ceramic to transfer heat. Ceramic keeps heat for longer than metals or other heat-conducting materials. This means that food doesn’t lose as much heat, and the grill will require less fuel.

Can be Used for Both Grilling and Heating

Kamado grills are versatile kitchen equipment that you can use for both cooking and heating. A Kamado grill is a mixture of a smoker and a grill. It is used for cooking and heating food, just like a conventional grill.

Safer than Other Smokers

Kamado grills produce smoke that contains fewer carcinogens than a traditional charcoal grill. Therefore, using a kamado grill is an effective way to reduce carcinogens in your diet. This is an advantage if you are trying to reduce your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals.

Convenient to Use

Kamado grills are easy to assemble, offers outstanding heat retention, exceptional cooking efficiency, and conveniently regulates the temperature to suit our preferences.

Cons of Kamado Grills

Creates Pollution

The Kamado grill is a tabletop grill that uses charcoal, vents and dampers to regulate heat. Charcoal or wood pellets alternatively fueled these grills and can cause a considerable rise of pollutants in the air.


Kamado grills are made of ceramic. This makes them fragile and delicate. This creates hesitation in the mind as it can easily break if subjected to higher pressure.

Slow to Cook

The kamado grill is a modern grill that uses the ancient method of cooking over an open fire. It is popular for its ability to cook with indirect heat, which means it cooks your food at a lower temperature than other grills and at a slower rate.


Experienced chefs widely considered Kamado grills to be the absolute best grills on the market and an investment that is well worth your hard-earned money. Kamado grills have been widely used in Japan and other parts of Asia for centuries but only became popular outside of Asia a few decades ago, just like an air fryer or a gas grill. However, both tools play an important role and are a part of the modern lifestyle.

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