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Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro: A Review

Ring 2 and Ring Pro are two of the most successful products from Ring and this blog is all about Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro. When it comes to video doorbell, security and functionality reign above everything else. Although thousands of brands promise that, when it comes to delivery, ring doorbells win over every other brand. Its products come loaded with advanced features and contemporary styles. This makes them a valuable addition in every household nowadays.

This blog talks about Ring 2 Video Doorbell Vs Ring Doorbell Pro, the two latest products of video doorbell. We will talk about the various points of difference between the two and how one is better than the other.

Ring 2 Vs Ring Pro: A Comparison Guide

Installation Process

When it comes to Ring 2, it is relatively convenient to install them as they are available in both wireless and wired variants. Just download the app from Google Play or App Store on your mobile. Then follow the process. But when it comes to Ring Pro, the installation is relatively complex in nature. This is because Ring Pro is available only in wired variant. This makes them difficult to instal. But that said, it comes with it own detailed instruction manual.


The design for Ring 2 is quite attractive and contains two interchangeable faceplates namely Satin Nickel and venetian. This makes them easy to customize, in case you want to change the color. Ring 2 is smart, sleek and usually suits all modern homes. Ring Pro comes in a more traditional look and 4 interchangeable plates. With a slim look, customizable settings and with an eye-catching design this ring pro is certainly a definite buy.


Ring 2 doorbell comes with many advanced features like 1080p HD Video, 160 degree and artificial intelligence and cloud recording etc. Similarly, Ring pro doorbell comes with many features mentioned here but also features 5-second pre-roll and on-demand streaming.

Performance and Camera Capability

Ring 2 doorbell delivers exemplary performance and allows you to have a two-way communication in case of visitors. Moreover, the battery will last between 6 and 12 months. Beside its features like motion tracking, recording, and a subscription plan offers numerous benefits to users. Ring pro has the best recording capability, decent night vision quality, customizable motion detectors, and flawless pairing.

Mobile Application

Ring app is straight forward, intuitive and well-built making navigation easy for users. Moreover, there is one single app for all ring devices. So now you can navigate all devices through one single app, be it a surveillance camera or video camera.

Conclusion: Which is Better?

Well, in terms of design, looks and performance, both devices are top-notch and great. They are both weather-resistant, water-proof and offers excellent security service. However, if you are some one who wouldn’t mind drilling and expensive security devices, then ring 2 is for you. But if you like something simple, tested and AI supported technology, then Ring Por is for you.

Out of the two, we would support Ring pro as it is smarter, quicker and supercedes all existing doorbells.

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