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The Best Educational Toys for Children Under 1 Year

With the arrival of the baby in the house, young parents wonder what the best educational toys to choose under a year? After all, in today’s market they are provided in such an assortment that many are just lost from their variety.

And kids need to be young to choose toys so that they were not only colorful and high quality, but also useful, and bringing maximum developmental benefits.

Child psychologists recommend not buying a huge number of toys that will eventually gather dust in drawers, and rent them. For example, the site provides a huge selection of branded toys for children of all ages. This will not only save parents money, but also prevent “perpetual clutter” in the apartment, from lying around teddy bears and plastic bunnies underfoot.

Secrets of Choosing Toys For Small Children

Games teach children how to socialize. Their main role is designed not only for entertainment but also to adapt to the world around them. After all, during the game a child develops skills such as: memory, imagination, reasoning, speech, fine motor skills.

Choosing which educational toy to buy a child under a year, you should consider the following:

  • It must be suitable for the baby’s age. There is always appropriate labeling on quality products;
  • The toy should develop specific skills. For example, some rattles are designed to distinguish sounds, while others teach sensory perception;
  • All bunnies, dolls, cars should be durable, high quality and safe. They should not have small parts that a child can bite or swallow;
  • Toys under a year should have no sharp protrusions, which can cause injury;
  • If we are talking about musical products, it should emit pleasant sounds, but not too loud (it may scare the baby);
  • High-quality products should be easy to clean and withstand numerous washings
  • The weight of the product. If we are talking about a doll, it should be of such a size that the child could lift it independently, without exerting too much effort;
  • Functionality. Choosing cars for boys pay attention to have doors open, tilting body, flashing lights, spinning wheels. Then the game will be a joyful and imaginative;
  • Soft bunnies, bears and chanterelles must be sewn from high quality and natural materials, not causing allergic reactions. Particular attention is paid to the filler. A good choice would be products with sintepon, but not with foam rubber. Since foam rubber absorbs all the dust, and emits harmful and hazardous substances;
  • Products should not have rough edges, poorly applied paint, crooked seams.

When buying or renting toys for children, it is worth checking the certificate of their quality. Here it is recommended to give preference to proven and well-established brands, such as: Fisher Price, Chicco, Smoby, Phillips, Yookidoo.

The Best Educational Toys From Birth to 6 Months

The first few months after birth, babies do not respond to any external stimuli. And only in the second month of life, they begin to respond to the sounds they hear, consider bright toys, various objects.

Attention: at 3 months, the child is already trying to pick up an interesting object in his hands and pull it closer.

From two months of age and up to six months, babies will be interested in the following educational toys:

  • Rustling rattles. Soft toys with rustling balls inside would be a good choice;
  • Rustling books. Babies like to touch and feel them with their hands;
  • Musical toys. The ideal choice would be the usual rubber squeakers: monkeys, bunnies, cats.

Note: at 3 months, babies can already be bathed with rubber ducks, crocodiles and hippos. Then bathing will turn into a real fun game.

Useful Toys From 6 Months to One Year

At 6 months, babies are actively developing fine motor skills. They are already confidently holding a food spoon in their hands, picking up and throwing toys. At 7 months, most babies sit up independently and by 9 months, they begin to make their first steps, holding onto furniture, walls and other supports.

At this age, it will be useful to give babies:

  • Toys that help them remember shapes and colors. These can be: balls, cones, pyramids, cubes, sorter;
  • Materials for creativity: finger paints, developing fine motor skills and children’s imagination, wax crayons;
  • Rocking toys, dishes of different sizes (for girls), cars of different sizes (for boys).

Top 5 Educational Toys For Children Under 1 Year Old in 2021

In the first year of life, a baby begins to actively crawl and walk around the house. He is interested in absolutely everything that comes in the way. Studying the rating of children’s educational toys from 0 and up to 12 months is worth highlighting the following:

1. LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center (Green Color)Babies learn by doing and with the LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center, your baby can explore a whole new world of fun. Some 12 months olds can stand and other’s can’t but don’t fret. When your baby is on the floor, take off the legs. When he is ready to stand then add the legs back on to extend the fun.

The Leap Frog Little Office Learning Center is the perfect start for your little one to get engaged in various activities. This activity table encourages your child’s language development, and will keep them entertained for hours.

  • Suitable for ages 6-48 months;
  • Table offers different activities to keep your child active and learning;
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (included);
  • Material: Plastic;
  • Measures: 17.7″ L x 17.7″ W x 15.2″ H;
  • Weighs: 4 lb;
  • Assembly required.
Suitable for ages6-48 months
Requires 2 AA batteriesIncluded
Measures17.7″ L x 17.7″ W x 15.2″ H
Weighs4 lb.
Assembly requiredYes

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2. Edushape – Fun Z Balls

Brightly Colored And Textured For Tactile Development of Kids

These balls are safe for tots 9 months old and up and are fantastic for sensory play. The set comes with three balls, all of which are different colors, made from soft plastic, and designed with various textures. They’re great for bouncing, tossing, and rolling, and are easy for little hands to grasp.

Each Fun Z Ball incorporates different and distinct characteristics and includes weights which cause the balls to roll in different directions. This promotes exploration and sensory play, whilst enhancing motor skills and introducing the concepts of logic and early science.

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3. Alphabet Blocks Toys For Toddlers

Jumbo Bilingual Educational Toys for 1 Year OldsIf you prefer more traditional blocks like this wood set of Alphabet Blocks by Kids Korner. Each block has a different colorful picture on each of the six sides to ignite your child’s brain. The set includes 30 different blocks for your baby to stack to their heart’s content. One of the best learning tools for 1-2-year-olds.

Each side painted or stamped with letters of the alphabet, numbers, signs or pictures. The blocks are small and light enough for little hands and will encourage coordination and early learning in a most traditionally fun way. Made up of lightweight and superior quality wood and non-toxic colors.

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4. Fisher-Price – Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Brilliant Basics Stack and Roll Cups by Fisher Price

The Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups provide so many ways for baby to play – and so many ways to teach colors, numbers & counting as well as concepts like size and shape. There are 10 colorful, numbered cups that baby can stack high. Also nest inside each other, or snap together to make balls that really roll! And to top it all off, there’s a smiley jingle ball that baby can put on top of the whole stack or nest inside any cup for rewarding jingle sounds! All the cups nest together so they’re easy to grab and go!

According to the manufacturer сhildren between 6 months and 4 years old can play with this toy. In addition to all the fun, this toy will also help kids work on color identification, spatial awareness, problem-solving, and strengthening fine motor skills.

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5. Battat Discover Farm Animals Activity Center

Discover Farm Animals Activity Center for Kids 1 year +

The Battat Activity Center keeps little kids attention with tons of mini activities all on one cube. A great toy to entertain multiple kids at one time and learn some social skills too.

A sturdy construction with rounded corners, for extra safety. Natural wood is smooth for little hands. This wooden cube toy has so much to discover.

Your toddler will be busy exploring and discovering for hours or days. Beautiful modern illustrations, mix or match animal puzzles. Also spinners to spin, spin, spin, zigzag race track for farm animals, bead maze and so much more! This learning toy cube is recommended for kids 12 months and up. But it can also be used by older children. All Battat Toys meet or exceed EU, U.S. and Canadian safety standards..

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