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Top 5 Best Pole Saw

Pole saw is a fascinating tool that allows you to reach high branches for cutting and pruning of your trees by standing on the ground without any ladder. There are many types of pole saws and further classified into various power levels and other technical. Finding one that fits your need is a challenge. Choosing the best pole saw is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is related to a profession, and you need to approach proper persons suitable for this job.

But I did get in touch with a lot of experts who are well versed in gardening who helped me in finding the 5 best pole saws that would be useful for you. Below I am providing the information on the valuable data I collected and listed out the key features, pros, and cons of each tool for the complete picture. I believe you will find your pole saw among the below tools as they are best in the market in 2021.

With the expert opinion from the professional gardeners, we curated a list of top 5 best poles saw in 2021. Well, how many of them do you find it easy to get such an opinion? Not many. Here are the reviews of the ten best pole saws given below.

1. Greenworks 40V Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks manufactures amazing cordless pole saws that run on battery, meaning they can be used away from the electric source also. The battery power operated pole saw is convenient to carry around while working with tree branches as no cord limits the distance it can move. Even the entanglement of cord issues does not arise as the cord itself is not present.

The Li-Ion battery gives steady input of power even during its low phase and thus reliable. The chain can be adjusted easily by turning a screw, and this quick adjustment makes the saw fit for use every time. The automatic oil dripper lubricates the chain thoroughly, and the oil tank given is transparent to check the oil levels quickly to refill when required.

The aluminum shaft, which is of length 6 ft. can be extended two more feet to make the saw with a complete length of 8 ft. The cushioned grip and a handle provided for holding it firmly. The electrical start for quick operation, the batteries, and the charger included along with the pole saw.


  • No chords are required;
  • Battery-powered pole saw;
  • Adjustment of chain tension is easy;
  • Up to 65 cuts for a full charge.


  • Manual is not clear.

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2. EGO Power 31-Inch Extension for Pole Saw Head

EGO power is not exactly the pole saw, but an extension pole for the saw heads manufactured by EGO power. The pole of 31 inches is said to fit many tools that have extension ends. The heads attaching to this pole need to be battery-powered, and many EGO power+ tools can be latched above the pole.

One pole will serve as an extension of many tools and saves money and space. The pole has an opening on the top where the head has a similar fitting arrangement that sits into the hole of the pole. They snap well, and as they fit snuggly and can be used safely to operate the tool.

Battery operated tools are specified for this pole as this pole has no provision to draw electricity or any cords. So, the only way the tools attached to this get their power is through batteries. The aluminum shaft is strong and durable used with multiple devices for an extended period.


  • Lightweight pole for tools;
  • Easy to fit and remove tool heads;
  • One pole for many tools;
  • Extends tool heads for reaching high.


  • Compatible only with Ego power+ tool heads only.

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3. Remington Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw & Chainsaw

The sleek-looking 2-in-1 pole saw, and chainsaw by Remington has three important parts. The saw head, pole and the handle. When these three are assembled, it forms a pole saw, and when only saw head and handle are attached, it becomes chain saw.

Attaching and detaching them is very easy, and they are held together by the clamps that flip and then lock. The pole shaft is extendible up to 10-feet, and when the operator height is taken into consideration, then it can reach up to 15-feet. So, this makes it difficult to reach branches that are way too high easily reachable.

The electric motor is of 8 amp and starts instantly with a low kickback, after which you can start your trimming and pruning work. The telescoping poles allow for quick adjustment of the height of the pole, and you can keep the height at a comfortable height as per your need.

The anti-slip grip gives comfort and safety during its operation. The automatic oiling mechanism is useful in lubrication of the chain and saw, and the oil can be filled by removing the top cap. The electrically powered dual-duty saw is versatile and easy to use.


  • Dual usage of the saw;
  • Overhead height of 15 feet;
  • Elegant design and strong built;
  • Clamps that are easy for assembling.


  • Automatic chain tension adjuster is not present.

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4. TrimmerPlus 8-Inch Polesaw

The TrimmerPlus pole saw of 8” can address logs which are below 4” diameter easily. The height of the pole makes reaching high branches a breeze, reaching which is not possible without the pole saw. Reaching farther is possible with an extension to make the height go up to 11”.

You can find the height that is suitable for the work you are doing. The lubrication process is automatic, and it helps in keeping the chain and saw lubricated consistently, for they must be in good shape. When the maintenance is regular, the performance of the pole saw degrades slower than usual and gives you a more useful time.

Protective casing made of plastic is provided to protect the chain while transporting and is known as a chain transport guard. For trimming down the branches safely, you need to read the manual instructions carefully and follow accordingly. You may not realize a few possible issues without reading the manual, and you will regret later if you do so.


  • Can use your existing battery packs;
  • Maintenance of chain is done automatically;
  • Extends to custom heights up to 11 feet.


  • Does not come with a battery pack.

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5. TrimmerPlus 8-Inch Polesaw

Sun Joe’s electrically powered telescopic pole saw has an option for extending 8.7 ft and can reach up to 15 ft. The pole saw has a powerful motor of 6.5 amp and can be very useful to do most of the cutting tasks for home purposes. It can cut up to 7.5-inch-thick branches, which is pretty much enough for the homeowners with small and medium trees for shaping their garden area.

The pole covered in a comfortable foam grip, holding it for long times, would be easy. Also, the design of the handle is ergonomic for the same purpose. A hook is provided on the inner side of the handle to loop the electric cord through it so that it would not unplug simply due to tension or weight.

Provided with a safety switch to avoid starting the saw accidentally, and you can instantly start it by the press of a button. Adjustment of chain tension is as easy as turning a screw, and it is necessary as you keep using the saw to adjust the tension. A plastic safety cover is provided with the saw that covers the cutting bar for safety while not using it.


  • The powerful motor of 6.5 amp;
  • Telescopic extension of the pole up to 8.7 feet;
  • Can cut 7.5-inch thickness branches.


  • Slightly heavier when compared to a manual pole saw.

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Buying Guide To Know The In-Depth Information About Pole Saws

You have checked out the products, and now you wish you know more about a few other things on pole saws. I know that, and I have furnished the information you are looking for below in detail.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pole Saw

Pole Length

The length of the pole is an essential factor as you are looking for a saw that reached high. But that does not mean the higher the length of the pole, the better is the pole saw. The ideal height of the pole saw is 10 inches, and the height you should be reaching with a pole saw comfortably is 8 inches. The reason is the weight of the saw becomes unmanageable and heavier as the length of the pole increases.

So, consider the pole height before buying a pole saw.


Pole telescoping nature should be customizable to the required height and not fixed extension. When the height cannot be adjusted to your requirement, you need to move each time you go to a new branch, and you should be spending time on rechecking the safety of that surrounding, and it would be time-consuming. So if the pole is adjustable to the desired height at various levels, you can use the same spot or move just enough for the right reach and save a lot of time.


Power means the strength pole saw is acquiring from the source. It draws power to use for cutting the branches. The tools powered by different sources have a different power to them. By checking the specifications, you can understand how much power it runs with and chooses accordingly.

Higher power for thicker branches and lower power for thinner branches.


Pole saw needs to be handled for an extended period, and if it is cumbersome, then working with it becomes tiresome. The weight of the pole saw should be verified before making a decision.


Ergonomic handles with soft grip are the ideal handles that prove to be easy on your hands. Handles have significant importance as they ensure your safety by allowing you to hold the tool firmly

Starting Mechanism

The mechanism that starts the engine should be smooth and should not involve a lot of processes as troubleshooting it if anything goes wrong would be bothersome.

Types Of Pole Saws

Pole saw types based on how they are powered can be classified into the below.


Pole saws that work on battery drawn power are of the cordless type, and usually, these batteries are rechargeable type. A lithium-ion battery is commonly used in these types of poles as they have a longer life, plus they have constant power output even when the battery is draining. A fully charged pole saw’s working time depends upon the battery capacity and the saw’s drawing power.

In general, the battery may last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. They are the less powerful version of all other types of pole saws as their power is limited. However, there are other benefits that you may find interesting about these pole saws.

  • Easy to take anywhere and can also be used in places where electricity is not available;
  • Needs only a battery replacement or sharpening of the saw, hence very little maintenance;
  • Works just at a press of a button or two, and you are ready to cut;
  • Handy in trimming or pruning small or medium trees.


Corded pole saws need to draw power from an electric source using a chord of 100 feet length to connect the pole saw and the power outlet. When you have the provision of power within reach, corded pole saw would be the best option due to the below reasons.

  • Recharging or refilling is not required;
  • Less weight as they do not weight battery or gas tank to weigh it down;
  • Price is lower than the other two types of saws; hence pocket friendly, as well as further investments like replacing batteries refilling gas, are also not required.


Professionals like landscapers, forestry people, and large landowners prefer gas-powered pole saws as they are equipped to perform heavy-duty tasks. Gas-powered pole saws offer the advantage of both corded and cordless pole saws. They are portable, and they do not run out of power, and even if they do, all you need to do is refill in a minute and no waiting for it to recharge for hours.

Gas engines are powerful, and hence they add the power to the pole saw and help them take down thicker branches easily.

  • Powerful engine to cut thicker branches;
  • Work for a long time without running out of power;
  • No need to be near a power outlet;
  • No cords attached.


As the name says it all, it is just a saw attached to a pole giving it some height. You need to move your hands to and fro many times before you get the log down. It seems to be a bad idea as soon as you hear it, but still, it has worthy reasons for its existence.

  • Extremely lightweight;
  • Least maintenance;
  • Does not cost much;
  • No extra investment required.

Benefits Of Pole Saws

Pole saws have versatile uses, and you shall see what they are below.

Tree trimming

Trimming a tree has been a professional service, which is very costly till now. But with the pole saw, the tree trimming is affordable and done precisely as you like it. The trimming process may include removal of dead branches, overgrown or overhanging branches, branches that are half broken due to heavy winds, etc.,

So, it is unpredictable when you may need to trim a branch and each time calling in service is not budget-friendly. Reaching for high branches from a ladder using a chainsaw is also not advisable due to its risks, and not all branches can be reached this way.


Pruning done for aesthetic purposes, or it is a seasonal process required for the healthy growth of a tree. When the season arrives, the demand for pruning services soars high as they are in demand. If you leave the tree without pruning, their yield is affected. Furthermore, if the pruning is done in the wrong season, the tree may not survive.

So, when you want your trees healthy and them to yield well if they grow fruits, then pruning them in time properly is required. When you have the tool handy, you need not wait at the mercy of others. You can just gear yourself up and get the job done.

Other benefits

You have known about the main benefits above, and below are the other benefits you receive when you use pole saws.

  • Your upper body receives good work out;
  • You don’t need to use a ladder and compromise on your safety;
  • Saves you a lot of money in the long run;
  • You can use them easily without much prior practice;
  • They are available at affordable prices;
  • Adjustable pole length gives you reasonable control;
  • Maintenance is simple and does not require too much time;
  • Replaceable parts are readily available;
  • Advanced technology they use makes the job easy;
  • Pole saws are durable and last long;
  • Do not occupy much space for storage.
  • Easy to transport.

Safety Measures

The pole saw is enjoyable to use, and watching the unwanted branches coming down is addicting, but there are safety issues that need to be taken care of.

  • Anyone should not be near or around the trimming site at least up to 50 feet distance;
  • Branches near electrical wires or power sources should not be touched;
  • Also, look for other residential areas and fences that may have an impact of a fallen branch;
  • Wear eye safety glasses and a mask for keeping sawdust away;
  • The vibration of the pole saw many cause injuries to your finger if you are not careful;
  • Position yourself away from the falling branch site;
  • Be prepared for a kickback of pole saw as you start or stop it.

Working Tips

Few tips to get you started with your pole saw

  • Check the tension of the chain frequently;
  • Oil the chain and keep it lubricated throughout the process of cutting;
  • Start cutting only after the pole saw goes to its full throttle;
  • Cut from the bottom branches and work to the top;
  • Always handle the pole saw with both the hands;
  • Thick branches need an undercut first;
  • Using it with low power under reduced throttle may damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How thick of a branch can pole saws cut?

The thickness which a pole saw can cut depends on its size and power. The maximum thickness is 9 inches, but not all pole saws can cut this thick; only heavy-duty ones can, but still, it is not easy and also risky. Average thickness many pole saws can address is 4 inches. Anything less than 4 inches thickness is not of a big issue for most of the pole saws, and they can be taken down comfortably.

How far can a pole pruner reach?

Though many pole pruners claim to reach 10 feet height and up to 14 feet overhead height, the ideal height to reach for is 8 feet. Anything above that is reachable with the pole saw, but the process is tiresome, and the equipment feels heavy. You may try to reach higher than 8 feet by standing on a truck rather than a direct approach, which would be better for your limbs.

Can you use a pole saw on a ladder?

Though it is possible to use a pole saw from a ladder, it is not recommended for a few reasons. The pole saws have a kickback tendency while starting and it may tumble you down from the ladder. Next, the weight of the pole distributes your gravity, and the ladder may slip due to the forward pull of the load. Finally, heavy branches falling from heights are sometimes unpredictable, and if they fall in your direction, you have fewer chances of escape.

Do tree branches grow back after being cut?

Yes, they do grow back after they are cut, if they are healthy and are not having other issues. Some may grow again sooner, and some are late, but the average period is 3 to 4 weeks.


Now that you are aware of which pole saw does what job and what all benefits you can gain from it, you might have concluded. You are already thinking of buying a pole saw from the above ten listed products. Please feel free to scroll to the top and take a look once again if you have not yet noted down your favorite product.

The time when you have your fantastic pole saw doing its job, and you are looking at the trimmed garden with pride is just a click away.

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