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How to Mount a TV in a Corner?

Mounting a TV in a corner instead of a wall has multiple advantages. One is that it is space-saving, especially in rooms and areas without sufficient wall space. Another benefit is that it will be viewable and usable without creating an unwanted accent in the room.

The problem is that mounting a TV in a corner may not be as easy and as straightforward as mounting it on a wall.

Here are some quick tips on how to mount a TV in a corner

Check out the exact dimensions and weight of your TV

In order to mount the TV safely and properly in a corner, you will need to determine the exact measurements of your TV. These include – the length, height, width, and weight.

This is crucial for picking the best corner TV mount for it.

Picking the most suitable corner TV mount

A rule of the thumb is to choose a dual-arm bracket mount for flat-screen TVs that weigh more than 125 lbs. and opt for a single-arm bracket mount for TVs that weigh less than 125 lbs.

To make sure that the TV mount you choose will hold the TV safely and properly, remember to choose a corner mount that has a minimum length of the arm bracket of 0.5x (length of the TV/1.41) if you decide to install a full-motion TV mount.

When choosing the finest corner TV mount, remember to keep in mind where your seating is and what the perfect viewing angle is for that particular corner.

Some corner mounts can tilt down or extend from the wall to improve the viewing angle and eliminate glare. The best option, in this case, is a full-motion TV mount that can be adjusted to achieve the best viewing experience and neck comfort.

Install the corner TV mount

Make sure you read through the instructions for mounting for your TV and those for the mount. Usually, flat TVs have four points on the back panel for easy wall mounting. In some cases, you need to remove bolts and screws in order to attach the wall mount to the back.

Measure the wall and distances, and make marks for the studs which will hold the mount to the wall.

After you have determined your studs’ location, pick the best height for mounting the TV mount in the corner. Use a tape measure and place the marks at the desired height and the stud location.

After that, you can proceed to drill the holes and use a level to ensure that they are evenly placed.

Drill into the studs and use wall bolts to attach the TV wall mount.

Mount and adjust the TV in the corner

Once you have ensured that the wall mount is secured safely to the wall and is leveled, you can proceed to mount the TV with the mounting brackets attached to its back panel. Then carefully attach the TV with the brackets to the wall mount in the corner.

After you are done, secure it with bolts as per the instructions of the manufacturer, and adjust the tilt and angle for the most comfortable viewing experience.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
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