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Best Upright Exercise Bikes

Investing in an exercise bike from the collection of the best upright exercise bikes can be an invaluable investment in your fitness needs and interests. These exercise bikes offer an excellent way to work on your leg and arm muscles without getting stuck in long hours of traffic. Unlike road bikes, they are convenient, comfortable, and a safer option to go with.

If you are also planning to own an upright bike this year, you have reached the right place. Apart from some factors that you should look for while buying a bike, we have provided you with a list of our top 5 favorite upright bikes. Continue reading further to get a quick peek at some of the best upright bike models and get only the best home.

List of Best Upright Exercise Bikes For 2021

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike has a premium build construction of a 14-gauge steel tubing frame. It is covered further with a powder-coating for a quality finish. Its magnetic resistance mechanism featuring 4 difficulty levels makes this model a perfect buy for all fitness enthusiasts. Besides, for better comfort and support, it features an adjustable seat and counterbalanced pedals.

SCHWINN Upright Series Bike

This SCHWINN Upright Series Bike features 7 preset programs and allows the user to indulge in some versatile workouts. The handlebars of this model have ergonomic designs and offer comfortable hand grips. It is 27” L x 19” W x 50” H and can carry a total weight of 275 lb. This model has a magnetic resistance of 8 levels and is well-suited for all fitness requirements.

L NOW Exercise Bike

This L NOW Exercise Bike model has multiple customizations to suit different workout tension levels. It has a belt drive mechanism that results in no disturbance and quiet workout cycles. It also includes a clear LCD display for easy tracking of speed, distance, calories, and other important pointers. The IPAD holder is an additional benefit that allows you to watch your favorite content while riding.

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Upright Exercise Bike operates on an effective belt-drive mechanism. It includes pulse sensors for tracking heart rate data. This model also features a performance monitor screen that displays the speed, distance, calories, and RPM, clearly. Another beneficial aspect of this model is its sturdy build design, which supports a maximum weight of up to 240lb.

Sunny Upright Exercise Bike

Sunny Upright Exercise Bike comes with a device holding space, where you can keep your smartphones while exercising. Besides, it has hand pulse sensors for accurate tracking of heart rate and other variables. With front-mounted wheels for quick movements and settings, this model is a must-buy for smooth bike rides.

HARISON Upright Exercise Bike

This HARISON Upright Exercise Bike is built with a heavy-duty frame and supports weight up to 300 LBS. It has 14 magnetic resistance levels that allow the user to control and switch to different field resistance. Because of the wide leather padded seat with various adjustable settings, this model is best for multi-user usage.


Upright bikes are a convenient and worthy addition to your fitness gadget collection. However, it’s important to buy a model that includes all advanced features and still does not exceed your total budget. Along with the other important points, also consider the good return policy and long warranty period. We do however recommend you to consider your budget and requirement while selecting the right model.

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