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Best LG Mini Projectors

From the house of LG, LG Mini projector has taken the market by storm. LG first began with the video projectors decades ago. Since then, it has been developing a variety of models suitable for presentations in the office, or at home. The models that are specified with the Mini Projector technology are versatile and ideal for everyday use. They are ‘mini’ enough to fit on a shelf or a desk.

That said, there are plenty of options to choose. And we bring our best minds forward to make your job easier. To help you find the best LG Mini projectors, we have compiled a list that fits your needs the best.

List of Best LG Mini Projectors

LG PH550 Mini Projector

This mini beam LED projector has a built-in battery and screen sharing facility. With an HD-ready 1280×720 resolution, wireless connection, built-in battery (life up to 2.5hr), and 30,000hr of lamp life, this gadget is worth every penny.

The PH550 also has a Bluetooth Sound Out feature in which you can stream sound wirelessly. This allows easy compatible with sound system like home audio speakers, headphones.

LG PF50KA Mini Projector

This portable full HD LED smart home theater projector has a built-in battery delivering 2.5hr of video. You can even connect it with your LG Smart TV for access to premium content. Screen sharing feature along with Bluetooth Sound Out is a bonus.

LG PH300s Mini Projector

This LG MiniBeam HD LED projector gives crisp, detailed images with lifelike color reproduction from any place you want. It is based on the DLP projection technology and features a Triple XD engine. It also has an LED RGB light source that has a lifespan of up to 30,000hr.


The CineBeam LED Projector is compatible with Smart TV and a Magic Remote and is full HD-ready at 1920x1080p. The HF60LA provides a powerful picture quality, wireless mobile connection, and Bluetooth sound out.

It is enabled with TruMotion that is a clever way to process video where animation is applied between the existing video frames to make for silky and smooth motion. The LED lamp life is an estimated 30,000hr and with help from its four-corner keystone technology, you can even manually adjust the picture.

LG HF65LA Mini Projector

This projector is Amazon’s Choice for Video Projectors by LG and even rightly so. The HF65LA has a full HD resolution at 1920x1080p. It also has up to 100-inch projection, LG Smart TV compatibility, and 30,000hr of battery life.

It also has an Ultra Short Throw Projection that delivers vivid imagery with an exceptionally short distance of the projection surface. This versatile product is easier to set up than you would imagine, too. All in all, worth buying product.

LG HF85LA Mini Projector

The HF85LA is more or less similar to the HF65LA but is much more capable than its younger sibling. Apart from being full HD ready at 1920x1080p resolution, the HF85LA offers to 120-inch of projection. It offers only 20,000hr of lamp life made up of its laser projection technology.


It can be a bit difficult to choose which LG projector to buy, but with thorough research, the task is made much easier.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
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