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The Best iLive Soundbar

A detailed soundbar buying guide is all you need while buying the best iLive Soundbar. The idea is to help you in your selection process and bring the best one home. Soundbars help in identifying the sheer sharpness and loudness of all the newer models of TVs today?

Enter a soundbar. Not just any soundbar, only from the house of iLive, the models that we are going to talk about below, can be attached to your gaming consoles, DVD player to name a few for a complete rich experience.

A Buying Guide for iLive Soundbar 2021


Although a finished product may seem to mirror another product, the materials and the blueprint used for every product differ. A rugged soundbar has an aluminum grille and made of strong materials to withstand abuse over the years.

The size and weight of the soundbar too, have to be looked at. It should be lightweight enough to hang on the wall. For aesthetic purposes, it should also not be wider than your TV. The safest option would be to opt for a soundbar that is just a few inches smaller than your TV.


Arguably the most important question/matter to look into-what does a respective soundbar come with. There are soundbars which built-in subwoofers with heavier bass, but soundbars with subwoofers on the outside are a far better choice to the larger size of the sub.

The strategic placement of the speakers will also determine the different effects of a surround sound setup.

Sound Quality

The soundbars of today come with advanced audio technology like Dolby Audio. So, you need to look into the exact specification of the said audio tech. It should be calibrated well as per your requirements. Some also exhibit smart features with AI integrated technology. These are usually referred to as smart speakers.

Some soundbars also have sound modes that are nothing but preset in the soundbar to improve the media, change the sound.


If the soundbar of your choice lacks audio tech, don’t be too sad because there is still a way or two through which you can achieve your ideal home theater sound. The channels within a soundbar can stimulate 3D surround sound without having the mechanics.

Channels in a soundbar refer to the number of points of sound emission it has, which is usually denoted by the number on the product listing – 5.1 means five channels and one subwoofer, 4.1 means four channels and one subwoofer, and so on.

Wireless Connections

Usually offered in two ways: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The former is a more common phenomenon as it is easier to set it up. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, allows you to configure your speaker system to play from multiple rooms and turn your soundbar into a smart home setup.

Wired Connections

HDMI and digital optical wires are the most convenient and sought-after choices as they offer the most secure form of connection with minimal lag.

Best iLive Soundbars 2021

iLive ITB037B0 29-Inch HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth

The key highlights of this unit from iLive is that it is an in-wall speaker. It also has built-in stereo speakers with the wireless pairing of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

For added easiness over functions, it even has a voice prompt announce speaker to function. It also has an AUX input for added convenience. For just under the $40 mark, you can buy the ITB037BO to bring your movie, music, and shows to life.

iLive ITB259B Wall Mountable Sound Bar with Bluetooth

This 37-inch Bluetooth-enabled wireless soundbar has an option for automatic device reconnecting as well as a 2-channel stereo sound, built-in speakers, and a wooden speaker enclosure.

The ITB259B has a wireless range of 60 feet and this powerhouse of sound can be yours for under $50!

iLive ITB474B 47” Bluetooth Detachable Soundbar

A high-end product from iLive, the ITB474B is a 35” soundbar with two 6” detachable speakers and a 4-channel sound. This unit supports Bluetooth and has satellite speakers with built-in lithium batteries.

With it costing upwards of $114, you are certain to experience immersive home theater sound with the fact that you can detach the speakers and place them behind you for an added dimension without paying much heed to connections.


All the products listed above from iLive offer great value for money and are some of the best iLive soundbars for 2021, and make no mistake, are better than the higher-priced products from certain tech giants.

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