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Best Compact Treadmills For Small Spaces

Compact treadmills are what they sound like: treadmills that are compact to allow easy storage and transportation. Compact treadmills have become increasingly popular in the past year and are being used in hotels and gyms worldwide to help people with their weight loss goals. What makes them so appealing to some people is that they are easy to store and can be taken anywhere they want.

Such treadmills are running machines that have a lower profile than traditional elliptical treadmills and stationary bikes. In essence, they are the best of both worlds: the stride feel of running and a recumbent elliptical motion. The compact treadmill measures 48″ by 48″ and are about 20% smaller than a standard model of the same size.

Compact treadmills usually have a footprint that is about the same as a traditional elliptical, but they can be as small as your average treadmill. Since compact treadmills are smaller, they can be used in small workout rooms and at your home gym. However, the price of compact treadmills varies depending on the brand and model you choose.

List of top-Rated Compact Treadmills

T Series 8.5S Treadmill

This T Series 8.5S Treadmill is a newer model in the treadmill domain and delivers excellent results within a short time of working on it. With this machine, you can get up to 5 live active profiles, a 10” HD Interactive Touchscreen Display, clock incline control, and smart response motor. It is also easy to store and offers a 300-pound user capacity.

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T Series 9.5S Treadmill

This innovative T Series 9.5S Treadmill features an iFit family membership, 14-inch interactive HD touchscreen, 12% one-touch incline control, and a two-year part warranty. Besides its space-saving yet comfortable to run design that has become a new favorite among fitness enthusiasts.

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MaxKare Folding Treadmill Electric Motorized Running Machine

This MaxKare foldable treadmill comes with a large LCD and 15 Pre-set programs, easy One-touch operation, 17-inch wide Multi-layer tread belt, and the first anti-shock system for over 220 pounds. Besides, it also has an excellent customer care policy that helps take care of questions during the initial training days.

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ProForm 905-CST Treadmill

This ProForm 905-CST Treadmill is one of a kind and quite a machine to look out for. With a 5” Back-lit Display, 0-12 MPH Digital Quick Speed controls, 0-12% Quick Incline controls, and its super foldable mechanism, makes this equipment perfect for urban homes.

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Benefits of Compact Treadmills

Best for Cardio

Most people think of a treadmill when they think of a type of exercise. However, can do cardio on a compact treadmill too. It is best for those who want to get in shape to look for a compact treadmill that can fit in a small area. Their ergonomic nature, quick setup mechanism, and portability make them a leading machine for cardio workouts.

Helps Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is a tough enemy to beat since it lingers around even after you’ve reached your ideal weight. So if you’re looking to lose belly fat, you’ll need to step up your cardio game. And for that, you can turn to compact treadmills.

Helps in Controlling Diabetes

Now that diabetes is a chronic condition, and there is a need to minimize the risks associated with the disease. One of the most frequent questions asked by an individual with diabetes is controlling or managing the disease. Doctors prescribe medications to help an individual manage the disease, but it is difficult to get the same traction and results as you get on the treadmill when it comes to exercising.

Less Chance of Accidental Trips

Compact treadmills are a great alternative to traditional walking machines. They allow you to do exercise without dealing with the worry of trips and falls when exercising hard. Compact treadmills provide a more natural movement and help reduce tripping but offer a comfortable pace for walking. This is because they can deliver the desired intensity of exercise without your feet getting tired.

Easy to Move Around

Compact treadmills are best for exercising in your home or at the gym. They are a bit smaller than a conventional treadmill, making them easy to store and easy to move around. It is also a better option than the conventional models, which can be both bulky and difficult to set up.

Choosing the Best Compact Treadmill: The Buyers Guide


The treadmill comes in all shapes and sizes, and it helps to know the right dimensions of the compact treadmill for you. There are three most common types of compact treadmills; the walking and jogging type, the running type, and the Nordic walking type. Jogging and running type treadmills have a user weight capacity of 240lbs, while the Nordic walking type cannot hold over one person at once. You can find the right dimensions of compact treadmills for yourself by checking the user weight capacity and the running and jogging type.


If you are in the market for a treadmill, one of the first things you will want to know is what material should be chosen while buying a compact treadmill. There are various options, including steel, iron, aluminum, and composites, with their advantages and disadvantages. The most common material usually seen on a commercial-grade compact treadmill is steel and iron. So, check the material well before.

Right Treadmill Belt Length

People often pick up a treadmill belt based on the length in inches they want to use. But is this the right choice? As you know, your spine is one of the most important parts of your body. For exercise, it’s essential to have an appropriate belt length to avoid injuries and ensure an effective workout. So, what is the right treadmill belt length? The standard suitable length is between 48-inches to 52-inches long and 18-inches wide.

Other Features

Treadmills are ergonomic and functional equipment that comes with a vast array of additional features. Features like Bluetooth, a powerful motor, an emergency stop button, and easy-to-understand buttons are trending today in compact treadmills. So, read the product description carefully before the purchase.


The compact treadmill market is vast, and the choices can be bewildering. What type of material should you go with? What speed should you run? And can you run a treadmill at all? Should you run on the carpet? Over concrete? Or outdoors? How much should you spend? There are so many models available with different specifications, and it’s hard to know where to start.

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