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Best Dent Puller For Your Car – Reviews & Buying Guide

There’s nothing more annoying than finding a dent on your car. Not only does your car look bad, but body damage like that can impact the value of your car.

You could go to an auto body shop for a new paint job that will include fixing these surface flaws. That’s pretty expensive, unfortunately. The next option is to purchase and use a best dent puller.

What does a dent puller do? The name says it all. It pulls out dents and dings so they are even with the rest of the vehicle’s surface. Dent pullers come in the form of bridge removal sets, hammer drill kits, and suction cups.

To get the best results, you need to choose a dent puller that is right for your vehicle, and the specific type of dent you are dealing with. Below, we’ll cover some other factors that you must consider.

Today we will introduce with some of the market-dominating dent pullers of the current time. We will provide you in-depth reviews of our chosen best products as well as an easy to follow buying guide. You will be able to pick the right dent puller according to the dent after going through the review.

#1 ARISD Paintless Dent Repair Kit


  • Multiple tabs available to work on many dents;
  • Will not damage paint;
  • Dependable Tool.


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying case;
  • Rather expensive.

If you are okay with spending a bit more money, this ARISD model could be a great product for you. We like this kit primarily because it features a t-puller bar that functions like a hammer. This provides great hold, and durability.

Not only does this  kit work well on automobiles, it will pull dents on many flat surfaces. Try using it to pull out motorcycle dents, refrigerator dings, even on appliances like washing machines. The plastic tabs make this perfect for a variety of dents. Further, the auto surface will not be damaged by these sturdy tabs.

This is a pricier option. However, it is still quite reasonably priced.

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#2 Super PDR Bridge Puller Sets


  • Made from strong and durable material;
  • Affordably priced;
  • Easy to adjust for different dents and body types.


  • Poor choice for large dents.

If you are interested in a bridge puller that is ideal for fixing small dents, don’t look any further. This budget priced model is a perfect choice for you.

This kit comes with tabs in six different sizes. This allows you to adjust the puller to deal with a variety of dents. In addition to this, the kit is quite easy to use. Simply center the bridge over the middle of the hole and pull.

You will note that the diameter here is fairly small. It’s not the ideal  unit for large dents. However, it is worth keeping around for its effectiveness on small and medium sized dents.

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#3 TEKTON 5652 4-Inch Suction Cup Dent Puller


  • Comes with a quick release handle;
  • Larger suction cup;
  • Quick release with easy grip handle.


  • Doesn’t work well for deeply set dents.

This is a simple suction cup style dent puller. Don’t let that simplicity fool you. This product is a great buy, durable, and capable of pulling out many dents. Chances are, it will be a go to item in your shop for quite some time.

The body of this tool is made from a heavy duty nylon, and the suction cup is just as durable as well. It seals around dents easily, resulting in a tight latch.

The dent puller comes with a quick release handle that is quite easy to use. It works for a wide variety of uses. Feel free to use it as a lifting tool for glass and sheet metal. The only caveat here is that it is not suitable for deep dents.

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#4 CARTMAN Slide Hammer Puller Set


  • Provide you an efficient result every time;
  • Well-constructed to ensure durable use.


  • Includes odd-sized bolt threads.

The CARTMAN is a reliable name when it comes to power and electronic tools. They are manufacturing high-quality products in the market for a long period of time. The CARTMAN Slide Hammer Puller Set is one of the best-selling puller set from the manufacturer. It is an ideal set of equipment to deal with internal and external pulling on bearing cups, stubborn oil seals, bushing, and many press-fitted parts.

The CARTMAN Slide Hammer Puller Set includes a 5 lbs slide hammer. It also includes front hub puller, rear axle puller, locknut cone, and much more. You can easily remove different components from your vehicle efficiently using the too.

It has both large and small-sized dent puller screws to make your job easier. You can remove small dents from your vehicle and other home appliances efficiently using the puller screws.

The CARTMAN Slide Hammer Puller Set can be a great companion for those who want to DIY different pulling related task of the vehicle. Especially, the dent removal screws that come with the set are very easy to use and effective. All the equipment of the set comes organized in a molded case, which makes it easier for you to keep track of the equipment as well as carry them easily.

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#5 Yoohe Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit


  • Perfect for a wide variety of vehicles;
  • Keep the factory finished look of your vehicle.


  • The black glue did not adhere well.

The Yoohe Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit is an easy to use dent puller set which includes wide varieties of attachment to remove dents from your vehicle efficiently. It uses the same mechanism as like as the ARISD Auto Paintless Dent Repair Kits. The unique mechanism allows you to remove the dent seamlessly without a lot of efforts. The most impressive thing about the dent puller is it is properly optimized to ensure you an efficient and harmless dent pulling for your vehicle. The dent lifter includes soft and silicone bottom, which ensures you a smooth finish and no damages of the car paint.

The Yoohe Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit comes with a hand lever which you need to pull to remove the dent. It requires less pressure and a short time to remove the dents from the car. Moreover, with the optimized bottom, it will leave an efficient and factory finished looking without any need of any paint touch up or sanding.

The Yoohe Paintless Dent Repair Tools Kit includes a glue gun which makes it easier for you to work with the attachments. Besides, the glue gun can also be used in other DIY home projects too. Another impressive thing about the toolset is no chemicals, or toxic materials are used in the construction of the tools which make it an eco-friendly choice.

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A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Dent Pullers

Now that there are a range of paintless dent repair tools circulating the market, there is no need to take your car to an auto body shop. Instead you can use DIY methods to pull the dent out whilst saving a lot of money at the same time.

Finding a dent caused by hailstones, parking dings or malicious damage can be heartbreaking. Not only is it frustrating but it also devalues your car quite significantly when you come to sell it. Investing into a quality and easy to use dent removal kit will solve the issue and can be reused multiple times for any future dents too.

To help you make an informed buying decision, we have produced the below buying guide regarding car dent pullers.


Types of Dent Puller Tools

Everyone will have their preference when it comes to pulling out car dents. Some will want to use precision paintless dent repair tools whereas other may want the cheapest solution possible. Below are the most common types of dent puller tools.


One of the most common methods of pulling out a dent is by using a T-Puller/T-Bar. They use an pulling tab at one end and the other end form the “T”, which you can use to pull upwards to remove the dent.

Bridge Puller

Another popular methods that also uses pulling tabs is a bridge puller. These are more suitable for longer dents as it is a longer device that can spread out further. You are able to adjust the legs to the size of the dent for maximum precision.

Removal Rods

The purpose of removal rods is to push the dents out from behind. They use strong stainless steel rods with various ends that allow you to get into the hard to reach areas. It’s advised to have a variety of different lengths for maximum compatibility. You can even use multiple rods to increase your chances of pushing the dent out.

Suction Cup

One of the cheapest methods of removing dents would be by using a suction cup dent puller. The simple construction of suction cup and a handle will allow you to tackle a range of dents. We highly advise that you choose a metal construction as opposed to a plastic alternative because it will allow you to use more force.

Dent Lifter

The dent lifter tool is the most expensive and is a combination of the t-bar and bridge mechanisms. It uses glue pulling tabs and various adjustments to allow you to tackle any dent with ease. As you can see from the below dent lifter, it is a fairly easy to use paintless dent removal tool.

Glue and Pulling Tabs

When using paintless dent repair tools that use glue, it’s important that you maintain the pulling tabs. This will involve using an alcohol solution to remove the glue on the tabs after using them. Failing to do this can make them unusable for future dents.

Most kits come with a glue gun included as well as many sticks of glue. For the best results, it is advised that you allow the glue to fully pre-heat before placing the glue upon the pulling tabs.

Removing Bulges

Once you have removed the dent in the bodywork, you may notice small bulges where the dent was pulled out. In order to rectify this defect, you can use tap down tools that are available in a range of shapes to remove the bulges.

Using Boiling Water

There are many video tutorials that display the use of hot water to remove dents. Although this can be quite successful, it is really not a reliable or suitable solution. Most of the time you will be required to get under the car and push the dent out, which may not be possible for all dents.

However, if you are using a suction cup dent puller, using hot water or a heat gun can assist with pulling out the dent.

Potential Problems

Although dent pullers are an excellent invention, they will not be able to fix every dent. Some may have torn the bodywork or have caused the metal/plastic to crinkle. Once fixing a dent, you may also require a suitable car polish to remove scratches that have become apparent after using the tool.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Below, we answered some of the frequently asked questions about the best dent puller:

Does a dent puller work?

Most of the dent pullers work efficiently to remove the dents. However, a specific model of dent puller may not remove all types of dent unless it includes the required attachments.

How long does paint-less dent repair take?

It depends on the model or mechanism you choose. However, dent pullers can take up to 1 day to remove the dents. In the dent removal services, you will need to wait up to 3 days to remove the dent.

Will paint-less dent puller crack the paint?

As long as you choose the right best dent puller and use it correctly, the paint-less dent puller will not crack the paint. The pullers are highly optimized to ensure that they will not cause any harms on the damage.

Can crease dents be fixed?

Crease dents are a little bit complex than the usual types of the dent. Crease dent removal is possible, but they may require a little bit extra time. You will also need a suitable dent puller for removing crease dents.

How much does a dent puller cost?

It depends on the model, included accessories, and the strength of the product. Usually, you can get a decent dent puller at $40 to $100. However, we will suggest you avoid the cheap dent pullers as they can cause more damage to the car surface instead of fixing it.

Final thoughts about Dent Pullers

There’s no need to take your car to the body shop over every dent and ding. Instead, save yourself the cost of that, and learn to fix dents yourself. The process is easier than you think. All you have to do is purchase a best dent pulling kit, then learn to use it. To do this, just follow the advice above, then check out one of the kits we’ve listed above.

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