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Bluetooth Printer Guide – All you Need to Know

A Bluetooth printer is a wireless printer that connects to a computer or other Bluetooth device. It can then print conveniently. A Bluetooth printer is different from a printing device. A printing device connects to the computer via a USB cable.

Printer can print wirelessly from your computer. A printer connected via Bluetooth supports the ability of printing to multiple devices at once.

How Does a Bluetooth Printer Work?

Printers use Bluetooth technology to enable wireless and cordless printing. The computer can send print jobs directly to the Bluetooth printer without wired connections. You may send print jobs at a data transmission speed of up to 3 Mbps. The speed is fast and can connect to any location. It will be possible to print from many PCs to a single printer using this Bluetooth network. This printer network will function similarly to a network created using your house Wi-Fi.

How Do I Connect to a Bluetooth Printer?

  1. Check Compatibility

    Check to see if your printer supports Bluetooth. There are printers that support Bluetooth, and there are others that require an adapter. You can buy Bluetooth printer adapters online or at electronics stores for an affordable price.

  2. Connect the Adapter

    Set up your adapter. It will install itself to connect one end to your computer and the other end to your printer.

  3. Active the Printer

    Activate the printer. Ensure it’s plugged into a functional socket and that the printer’s electricity is switched on ideally.

  4. Activate Bluetooth in the Computer

    Switch On your computer and open Bluetooth devices. Next, move to the control panel and open Bluetooth Devices after you’ve installed your Bluetooth adapter.

  5. Connect the Bluetooth Printer to Computer

    Add a printer to connect to the Bluetooth printer. This method is less secure but is simple to understand. Tick the “Turn discover on” and “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer” in the settings tab. The printer and computer should automatically detect each other and begin operating.

  6. Add the Device

    Add the device manually. Select “Add Device” from the device’s menu and follow the installation tutorial to locate your printer.

  7. Final Installation

    Use the wizard to “Add Printers.” You may also add a printer by going to “Start” and selecting “Printers and Faxes,” then “Add a Printer.” When the wizard appears, pick “Bluetooth printer,” and Windows will automatically look for your printer.

Can you Use a Bluetooth Printer without Wi-Fi?

You can use Bluetooth to transfer data from one device to another without a Wi-Fi connection. Several devices require Wi-Fi to function properly. There are some Bluetooth devices that do not work without Wi-Fi. You might need to use Wi-Fi to transfer documents from your computer to your printer over a LAN. You do not need a Wi-Fi connection if you have a Bluetooth printer.

What is the cost of a Bluetooth Printer?

Bluetooth printers range in price from $25 to $75. You pay according to how much ink you put into your printer. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both wireless solutions. There are two primary reasons these technologies differ. You may get equivalent print output if you buy compatible ink cartridges – you could save up to 60% by doing so.

Check the type of ink cartridges–or refill options–available when buying a new Bluetooth printer. The alternatives you can choose from depend on the model and feature you are using. You may need a refilling kit for some ink cartridges. Kits like this can save you money while also serving as a fail-safe if you run out of ink when you least expect.

Is a Wireless Printer the Same as a Bluetooth Printer?

No, they both differ in the following ways.


Since Wi-Fi has a range of around 300 feet, you may put your printer in a central location where everyone can use it. It will allow you to keep your printer close to your Bluetooth-active devices.

Transmission rate

Wi-Fi transmits data at a fast 55 Mbps. It allows you to print rapidly and deliver larger files to the printer without slowing down the network. Bluetooth is a little slower than Wi-Fi, but it’s widespread in portable devices like cell phones and digital cameras.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth printers are convenient, easy to use, and efficient. It’s, however, important to be aware of security concerns. You must create your own Bluetooth password for every network you create. Data is only accessible to authorized users, thereby reducing the risk that sensitive information is lost or misused. 

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