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The Secret Behind Colombian Women’s Incredible Figure

First, allow me to answer a couple of questions that I get asked quite often about a Colombian Faja. By answering these questions, you’ll understand the secret behind Colombian Women’s Magnificent figures. By the way, if you are looking to buy a Faja, you can click here, I summarised 5 fajas that you do not want to miss out on.

What is a Colombian Faja?

I get this question a lot: what is a fajas?

Well, simply put, a Colombian Faja is a traditional Colombian garment that is used to compress and shape the body. When you were a Faja, you’ll have really nice figures (at the right places of the body).

The first Colombian Faja was created by Colombian nuns during the 17th century. The aim, at the time, was to help women after they gave birth. By wearing a Faja, women recovered faster from giving birth. They also got their nice “pre-pregnancy woman” figures back much quicker.

Any Faja was made out of an old cotton shirt that is tight enough to compress the stomach, lower part of the torso, breast, and arms.

Since then, the fajas industry has developed globally. It is nowadays a garment-focused as a post-surgery solution to support skin and affected body (tummy, breast, legs, etc.) parts for a faster recovery.

What is interesting is that, originally, a Colombian Faja was given to women post-birth as a special gift so that she can get her pre-birth shape faster. In other words, she’ll be recovering from giving birth as she’ll feel better in her body and develop a sense of well-being pretty quickly.

The Colombian Faja is very popular all around the world and especially in Colombia and Latino countries.

What are fajas used for?

Fajas are used for many things. The most important use for fajas is to adjust your waistline and increase your self-esteem. Wearing a fajas will have many benefits on you, including feeling good, reducing your waistline, help in reducing weight, etc.

How does a Columbian Faja work?

Originally, the Colombian Faja used mainly two fabric fabrics. These were brought together and sewn into the shape of a corset. The two fabrics were twisted together to create a semi-rigid corset. Usually, only two holes could be seen on a Faja. One for the breathing and one for the bra.

Nowadays, many different types of Fajas are being developed. Some of them are for supporting the breast / upper torso, while others as focused to support the lower torso.

The Colombian Faja is in its vast majority made up of different weights of fabric put together to make the illusion of a higher or lower waist, a curvy figure, and different shapes and sizes. Basically, if you are a little bit skinny, then the Colombian faja will provide that extra volume where you need it most.

How long does a Colombian Faja last?

The Colombian Faja is traditionally used for around 30 years. A one-piece Colombian Faja can take around 30 hours to create by hand. That’s why they are a little bit pricy.

What are the benefits of Columbian Fajas?

I think the appropriate question to ask is: what do fajas do? They provide you with 12 benefits, such as weight loss, better figures, etc.

And to this, I’d like to say that the most important benefit of a Columbian Faja is to make a woman happier with her shape and figures. Because the garment provides an “uplift” for the breast or a better voluptuous figure, a woman will feel better in her body.

By feeling better, a woman, will, therefore, be happier psychologically and will feel that her husband or partner will be attracted to her.

This is why Colombian Fajas have become so popular over the years become among women in Colombia.

The main benefits of the Colombian Faja are:

  1. The Colombian Faja works to flatten your stomach. Having a slightly round stomach can be considered attractive, but having an even curvier tummy, or a flat belly, can be very attractive. By wearing the Colombian Faja, your body’s curvature is channeled into the right places. In other words, any woman wearing this garment will have a nice healthy curvature around their tummy, and as such feel more in line with nowadays demanding society.
  2. It makes you appear longer / taller. Another common reason that women wear the Colombian Faja is to appear longer/taller and leaner.
  3. Can serve as a support during gym routine and exercises. Basically, the fajas will help support your body muscles, decreasing the risk of injuries.
  4. Provide real body protection after surgery. One of the good benefits of Fajas is to provide a better and faster recovery from surgery. It helps with swelling, bruising, and body “tenderness. Obviously, there are specific types of post-surgical fajas that do help contain the different affected body tissues for healing and faster recovery. You can find the vast majority of these fajas being used as a post-liposuction or a tummy tuck work.
  5. Help re-shape your figure when you wear a dress. Who does not want to look pretty with nice figures? If you are heading to a party and you need to wear a dress that you have stored in the closet for a little while, you may be in for a bad surprise. If you look in the mirror, you may see a “chubby” on the back. However, if you use a Faja, then you have an immediate solution at hand. You’ll get it to compress the weak points that your body has. But it’ll also help to reduce your waistline a little, making you gorgeous again.
  6. Wearing a Faja will improve your body posture. The compression exerted by the Faja on your spine will help you correct your body posture. This will have a direct positive effect on you and you’re morals. To have such an effect, you need to get a Faja that has back support to keep your back straight. Note that if you use it every day you will see results pretty fast. However, it is sometimes a little difficult to wear a faja for a full day. So, start for a couple of hours and build upon this slowly.
  7. After delivering a baby. After having a baby, you’ll have your abdomen quite inflamed. By using a faja, you’ll help your body slowly return all of your organs and muscles to their normal natural position. Obviously, the primary function of the postpartum Faja is, in this particular case, not to stylize your figure. However, it will definitely help in doing so as a side effect.
  8. The beauty of Fajas for back pain. Back pain or painful hip is just a nightmare and you can’t do much in the day. I know, I experienced this a while back. But, I used (and my sister too) a Faja that supported my back. By compressing my back (not too much, I felt (and you’ll feel) relief. In addition, the Fajas will help you keep your back in a straight position.
  9. The beauty of reshaping your body with a Faja. Lately, a lot of different types of fajas have been developed to help shape the area you want. These help mold the area you want in the way you want it to look. For instance, you can have fajas to help reshape your body (complete), some focused on your tights (waistband), some are produced as vests, shorts, and even for the buttocks (I have one of these), etc. Just look at your mirror and decide what area of ​​the body you want to mold. Then buy the Faja that best suits your need.
  10. Reduce the waistline. This is my favorite, to be honest. And I think it’ll be your favorite too as this the top benefit of all. Most women purchase a Faja because it can reduce a waistline. What a nice benefit this is. No need to run daily, no need to go to the gym, etc., you just need a Faja and you have a new waistline. But by wearing it, it’ll compress your stomach, so you’ll feel less hungry. As such, you’ll start losing weight. There are even specifically developed colombian fajas to lose weight.
  11. Increase your self-esteem. This is the ultimate goal. Using a Faja will provide you the security that when people look at you is because you look gorgeous. The Faja, by helping to mold your body, will give you support during the exercise, help you to stylize the body part you want to look great, and as a side effect will increase your self-esteem.

Who can wear a Colombian Faja?

The Colombian Faja can be used by any woman. Chose the one that fits your need. You can choose from a wide variety of fajas. And I can tell you that it is widely used by women in Colombia, the USA, and the rest of the world as it helps them feel more comfortable after pregnancy, post-surgery, and just because they have a couple of extra pounds (or short of a couple of pounds).

A Colombian Faja is not something that you can just pick up and wear without thinking about it. You need to think of which area of your body you want to have a positive effect. You need to ask yourselves this question: which area of your body do you want to look better? When you know, then you just need to go ahead and buy the appropriate Faja. Select the one that will give you that uplift (tummy, upper or lower torso, etc.).

I don’t know if you know this. Many women in Colombia and other countries outside of Colombia use the Faja as a form of communication. Basically, having some parts of your body reshaped, provides some form of information to others about your personality.

Colombian Faja – The Definite Secret Behind Colombian Women’s Incredible Figure

The Colombian Faja is worn with Pride in Colombia. This is now becoming the norm in the USA and other countries too. It provides that little extra to help you get over the hurdle of feeling sexy, beautiful, attractive, and increase your self-esteem.

The Faja has, therefore, been one of the best secrets used by Colombian women for centuries. It helps them increase their sense of well-being, but also provided the means to show their stylish curves to their partners all year round.

Final Thoughts

The Colombian Faja can be used in different ways. It can make a comfortable bust-line. It can also help you gain back that nice body shape. Any woman who has lost her nice figures after giving birth can use a faja to reduce the time of recovery. No medicine, no chemicals, just a nice and easy-to-wear faja shall do the job.

When wearing the Colombian Faja, your tummy will be flattening out. The Colombian Faja will smooth out your stomach. But it’ll also turn your abs into the focal point of your appearance.

What a nice Columbian culture this is. You do not only provide your body to feel better (or to heal), you’re also providing your mental health with a boost. So wearing such a garment can only have a positive effect on you at all levels.

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