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The Best VR Headsets of 2021: An Informative Guide

Virtual reality (VR) is an exciting new technology that is bending the boundaries between reality and virtual reality. VR headsets are head mounted gagdets that offers virtual reality in the form of games, simulators and trainers. These headsets display a stereoscopic head-mounted display and motion sensor to offer an exciting and a competitive gaming experience. It’s also a vast sector of the gaming market, with many versions of headsets to choose from.

Are VR Headsets Worth the Price?

The answer to this is yes. VR headsets are worth the money. These headsets feature augmented reality that makes everything around you look real. Most VR headsets’ are AI inspired and an exciting gadget for your kids. These headsets offer an immersive experience while playing games.

What to Look for Before Buying a VR Headset?

1. Tethered or Wireless

A tethered VR headset connects to a powerful gaming computer with the help of a wire. It offers higher-resolution graphics and an immersive gameplay. A wired VR headset is also expensive than the wireless counterparts. Wireless VR headsets although affordable have lower performance. They are convenient and do not require the use of a computer or gaming console. They’re self-contained and ready to use.

2. Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels that the VR headset display and expresses as a count of pixel width X pixel height. Lesser resolution will result in less crisp images. If the contrast is low, the viewer will see pixelation or the screen door effect.

3. Field of View

Another important aspect of a VR headset’s quality is its field of view (FOV). At any given time, this parameter measures the extent of the observable environment. The more expansive the field of view, the more immersive the viewing experience will be.

4. Weight

When it comes to VR headsets, comfort is crucial. Some headsets come heavy, but are made lighter using padded foam and comfortable straps. They distribute the weight evenly over your head and nose bridge.

5. Battery Life

Battery life isn’t an issue with wired VR headsets because they connect to your computer or a wall outlet. Wireless VR headsets can last about two and three hours per charge, depending on the usage.

Do all VR Headsets Need a Phone: Standalone VR vs PC VR

No, standalone VR headsets are all-in-one independent units that can function without a PC or phone. Certain PC VR headsets can function with both PCs and phones but not independently. PC VR Headsets require PC and specially equipped software to run them successfully.

A standalone VR come with a headset, a powerful processor, built-in display, battery, viewfinders, and multi controllers for convenient navigation. It is relatively more popular than the PC ones as they don’t connect to any PC and features 6 degrees of freedom.

How Do VR Headsets Work?

A concept known as six degrees of freedom, or 6DOF, is used for making head tracking work in VR headsets with sensors embedded in them. VR headsets are attempting to be as realistic as possible to fool our brains into believing they are in a virtual space and for that the lag and response rate must be flawless.

Most VR environments use binaural or even 3D audio to create a complete audio-visual landscape, which will heighten the sense of realism. The sound adjustments in the background is done using software based on position sensor feedback.

Is VR Bad for Your Eyes?

When people use virtual reality systems, they are tricking their brain into seeing things that aren’t actually there. VR headsets remain close to the eyes, and may have an adverse effect on eye growth, leading to nearsightedness.

How Long Should You Stay in VR?

It is generally advisable to take a 30-minute break bteween wearing VR headsets. Prolonged use can make you feel dizzy and cause eye fatigue.

Best VR Headsets of 2021

1. Oculus Quest 2 VR Headphones

Oculus Quest 2 is the next evolution in VR headsets. The Quest 2 has it all. It’s simple to set up and jump into VR. Its powerful and precise tracking system lets you move around naturally inside the virtual world. Quest 2 keeps you connected to your friends as you move from room to room. it is the first all-in-one headset designed to be completely untethered from a computer or console.

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2. Destek V5 VR Headset

Destek V5 VR headsets is compatible with phones with screen size between 4.7~6.0 inches and offers a field of view (FOV) to 110 degrees. The headset allows to adjust pupil distance and lens distance. It is made of ABS and Spandex material, which is soft and comfortable.

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3. Pecosso 3D VR Headset

Pecossor 3D reality vision headset can support 4.7″ – 6.5″ Smart Phones. Phones with a screen larger than 6.5″ are not recommended while smaller screen size like 4.7″ or less will not be able to use all the features of the VR glasses. These headsets are made of ABS and 42mm spherical resin lens material without stimulation plastic sheet. It is suitable for people above 6 years old and can act as an amazing gift for your children or your friends.

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4. VR Headset with Remote Controller

This Shinecon VR headset is a fantastic VR headset for VR gaming or for an immersive video experience.  It can be used for Android phones and iPhones.  The adjustable VR headset is compatible with 4.7-6.5″ mobile phones.  Its adjustable distance makes the 3D VR headset suitable for many people.  The soft and comfortable material offers you an extraordinary sense of wearing it.  This VR headset can also protect your eyes perfectly, offering a great user experience.

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5. BNext VR Headset

BNext VR headsets are one of a kind. It offers an unparalleled 3D immersive experience and is popular among gamers. You can also gain access to an exclusive content list, with this VR. With an adjustable strap, eyesight protection system and a soft nose piece, this headset can be a great accessory in all your gaming sessions.

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6 Destek VR Headsets for Kids

This Destek headsets is typically for kids between 5-15 years. Its HD display and advanced features have made this headset popular in schools and colleges. It features a remote-controlled Bluetooth button, responsive controller and trigger buttons for maximum comfort.

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7 OIVO Headset Compatible Ninetendo Switch

This premium VR headset with Nintendo switch is a hot-selling product currently. This VR headset is of lightweight & comfortable material and features a convenient adjustable head strap. With an ergonomic design, responsive controls and a great display this headset is a great product for beginners.

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8 Oculus Rift S PC Powered Gaming Headset

This Oculus PC powered VR gaming headset offers exclusive access to thousands of content. This innovative gadget comes in an ergonomic design, motion sensors, touch controls, and the next-gen protective lenses. With insight tracking, intuitive controls, and easy to use features, this VR headset is currently trading the market with its performance.

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Reasons to Buy VR Headsets in 2021

Today with the gaming industry becoming one of the prospective careers for gamers and enthusiast, VR headsets have gone mainstream. The below-mentioned factors are proof why such headsets are worth your money and time

1. Price

VR headsets come with a versatile price range with something for everyone. The average cost of such headsets can lie between $25 to $700. This depends on various factors like features, size and brand.

2. Games Library

Many VR headsets come with their own dedicated content and offer the users unlimited access. This content-library contain specific games, virtual reality situations and many other exciting features. This content remains otherwise inaccessible to those who prefer PC VR headsets.

3. Ease of Use

Most of the headsets feature easy to use and intuitive controls. These intuitive controls help you play the game easily and works perfectly for professionals of enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

VR Headsets in the last recent years have taken the gaming industry by storm. Although we are seeing the start of a new technological era with these innovative gadgets, virtual reality still has to go a long way. If you are looking to buy VR headsets, we recommend you to do some prior research as the numerous brands make it a challenge to find a suitable VR headset.

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