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Best Crochet Table Runners of 2021

Crochet Table Runners have been gaining a rapid popularity since the last few years. Crocheting is one of those crafts that can be difficult to master. Newbies can find it intimidating, whereas experts can find it interesting. There are a lot of different types of crochet table runners. Many are made from brocade and tends to run at a higher price point than other choices. For years, crocheted table runners have been popular for weddings and other special events.

In 2021, people prefer to buy crochet runners for everyday use as well. They’re versatile and can be used as a place for napkins, placemats, placemats, and tablecloths. Moreover, crocheted table runners can be used as a jewelry holder or a scarf.

Then there are the plainer options that are made from a stiffer cotton or cotton blend. A few are made with a mix of both materials, and we even have one made from faux fur. Now that there are so many choices to work with buying the right crochet table runners can be overwhelming. That is why this guide should help you find the right table runner without any trouble.

Our List of Popular Crochet Table Runner in 2021

KEPSWET Cotton Handmade Crochet Lace Table Runners

KEPSWET is a new brand of crochet lace table runners that are hand-milled and made from natural materials. They are made in the USA. and promise a lifetime of “wearability ad durability”. The company sells all of their products in a variety of sizes, but they specialize in the size – 14″ x 36″, which fits perfectly on the top of a round coffee table. It’s a beautiful, handmade table runner that matches any decor and certainly worth the money.

USTED Floral Crochet Table Runner

USTED Crochet  are a series of affordable yet high-quality table runners that will help you complete a table setting and last for many seasons to come. This brand makes colorful, affordable, and durable crochet accessories, and they’ve got the quality to back it up.

USTED crochet table runners are made from 100% cotton and are usually available in beige color. When you want to make a statement with a table runner, and you want it to look professional and elegant, the USTIDE is what you need. This crochet table runner is available in a variety of colors and designs.

Kilofly Handmade Crochet Cotton Lace Table Runners

Kilofly is an online store based in New York that sells handmade crochet cotton lace table runners, tablecloths, pillowcases, and other home linen accessories. Their products are made by hand in the USA., and each piece of their products are hand-stitched & tufted. kilofly Handmade Crochet Cotton Lace Table Runner is a new product made of cotton and lace. The size of this product is 15 x 60 inch. The table cloth is white in color and made of premium quality fabric. Thus, we can use them for a long time to beautify your tabletops.

Damani Rectangular Cotton Handmade Crochet Lace Table Runners

Doilies are a timeless classic, and they’ve been a staple in every home since the early 1900s. A doily is just a piece of fabric with a lace pattern on one side but can be made into a table runner, tablecloth, or even a scarf. This Damanni table runner is made of 100% cotton that is machine washed and dryer friendly. It makes the table runner durable and long-lasting. The color is also attractive and has a beige color with a lace design, making them look elegant and timeless. The lace is made of cotton and is dyed perfectly. The table runner also has a nice pattern, making it suitable for all kinds of table settings.

OurWarm Macrame Table Runners

OurWarm is a company that strives to create products that are handmade, unique, and exquisite. This crochet table runner makes a tea party or buffet table and will be a great accent to any party. It’s also perfect to use as a table cover at any outdoor event. The macrame runner includes a delicate beige weaved hollow striped cotton fabric with tassel to give your table a new look, giving it a minimalist vibe and boho charm. Its intricate details, delicate design and versatility, make this a golden choice for your homes.

KEPSWET Cotton Handmade Crochet Lace Runner

KEPSWET 14×36 inches runner has been in the business of clothing for over 25 years and has gained a reputation of being the “Cotton King”. This delicate table runner can make your dinner table beautiful, stylish, and interesting. Measuring 14x 36 inches, this table runner is made in white lace and 100% cotton. This makes them easy to clean and care while offering your table a complete new look.

Tinsow 2 Pack Cotton Crochet Lace Rectangular Runner

This chrochet table runner offers complete protection to your table from typical wear and tear. It is excellent for use on tables or as a contrast to a solid-colored table cloth. This lovely white lace runner has a scalloped edge and an elaborate lace design. It measures 13″ x 44″ and comes with a two-pack of lace table runners.

Final Thoughts

Runners, which are available on sites like Amazon and Etsy, can be used on your patio, bedtime, sofa, and a variety of different tables and settings. They come in various fabrics, including cotton and silk, and may give your table a rich aesthetic while also protecting its surface. A splash of colour with a strong contrast might draw your visitors’ attention to your table. Make careful to read the fabric description before purchasing a table runner.

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