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How to Dry Clothes Without a Dryer

While owning and using a tumble dryer is a huge convenience, not everybody has a dryer, and not everybody wants to use one for financial, ecological, clothes preserving, space-saving, or other reasons.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that your clothes are dried in a timely, safe, and proper manner without the use of a tumble dryer.

Here are some tips on how to dry clothes fast without a dryer

Use the high spin setting on your washing machine

By wringing your clothes out from as much water as possible, you can speed up the drying process immensely.

Use the high spin on your washing machine, or wring them by hand after washing before hanging them up for drying.

Even though the high spin cycle can use up more energy, think about the power you will save from using a tumble dryer instead.

Use towels to remove even more excess water

Lay a fluffy towel on a surface and place the wet clothing on top, roll the towel up and twist it so that any excess water is removed and transferred to the towel instead.

You can also press your washed clothes on an ironing board by covering them with a thinner towel. Use the iron to press on top of the towel. Then turn the piece of clothing around and repeat. This will help evaporate and transfer even more water to the towel.

Do not attempt to iron wet clothes directly without the protection of a towel because this can cause permanent damage to the clothing.

Hang your clothes

Although not everybody has the luxury of having an outdoor clothesline or an outdoor space where the clothes can be left to dry, you should still hang your washed clothes.

Invest in a sturdy and foldable drying rack for indoors, which you can use to dry your laundry inside your home, bathroom, or other space.

Make sure that you hang the clothes separately and give them space for the ventilation they need to dry faster and more efficiently. So, do not just pile them up on the rack. Plus, wrinkles and crumpled clothes take longer to dry.

If you want the drying to be even faster, hang the clothes on two lines or bars instead of one to allow for better ventilation and air circulation.

Choose the best placement for your drying rack

Place the rack somewhere where there is sufficient air movement, a heat source, sunlight, or another place where they will get the air, light, and warmth they need to dry faster.

You can set up the rack next to a boiler, radiator, window, or fan. But remember that you should never attempt to place a wet piece of clothing directly on top of an open wire electrical heat source as it can be an electrical and fire hazard.

Take the time to rotate the clothes

If you want your garments to dry properly and faster, you should turn them around periodically to ensure that they dry evenly. If they have pockets, cuffs, or other hard-to-dry parts, make sure you position them correctly during the drying process.

Use a hairdryer

If you are in a hurry to dry a garment, you can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. Use a warm setting and rotate the clothing as you go so that you can dry all parts evenly, including the pockets, collars, cuffs, and harder to dry elements.

Use the eco-program of your tumble dryer

If you still want to use a dryer to get your clothes dry as quickly as possible, make sure that you use the most efficient and eco-friendly option. Also, keep the filters and lint catcher of the dryer clean and free from flint to ensure that it runs more efficiently.

You can also check how the drying is going without waiting for the cycle to end because your clothes may already be dry and just wasting time and energy in the dryer.

In conclusion

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need a tumble dryer to keep your clothes clean and for drying them on time. So, think about how much money you will save and how much you will decrease your carbon footprint if you start drying your clothes without a dryer.

Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker
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