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Skateboard: Learn How to Ride?

The skateboard is a short board with wheels that are used to skate on the street. It is made of 7-8 ply maple plywood material and consists of a creative expression of graffiti art on the surface.

Skateboarding is a unique, fast-paced sport that gives you the thrilling experience of adventurous sports like athletic stunts. Hard-hitting board-riding stunts, ollie after ollie, and a versatile style of skateboarding make skateboarding one of the fastest-growing sports.

Is it Hard to Skateboard?

Skateboarding is a sport that requires strength, stability, and the right technique of push and carves. Learning skateboarding is not hard, but mastering it will require consistent practice. When you start with basics, you can learn how to skateboard, easily. We recommend you don’t go with hard stunts in the beginning. First, it’s important to learn the basics, techniques, and simple tricks.

How to Learn Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an activity that requires lots of effort. The key to performing acrobatic tricks is to be focused and fearless at the same time. Our list below offers some pointers for learning skateboarding. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose the Right Skateboard

Choosing the right skateboard is the first important step while learning to skateboard. You should only buy a skateboard that has durable wheels and sturdy construction. The low-quality skateboards are prone to frequent breakage and they won’t be able to handle sudden affects and vibrations.

The quality skateboards for beginners can cost you anywhere between $30 to $140 and more. You should also check the bearings. Skateboards should have wheels that move smoothly.

Shoes Can Make a Difference

The shoes you wear also make a big difference in your skateboarding practice. The canvas shoes, skate shoes, or other shoes with a flat base are the ideal ones to go for. You are better able to balance on the board with such shoes.

Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear will cause you no harm instead, it will protect you from injuries and unwanted accidents. The helmet you choose should have a sturdy construction. Consider buying protective equipment from a reputable store like Amazon. Elbow guards, knee pads, and wrist guards are also important.

Know the Basics

After preparing yourself with the right gear, it is time to learn the basics. The basics include a proper understanding of coordination that you need to build for pushing the board forward. You can start by stepping on a board and gently pushing off forward. Once you master controlling the pace, learn how to turn by shifting your weight. To turn right, move your weight forward, and to turn left, rotate your ankles a little.

Learn How to Fall

Riding on a skateboard is fun, but you should know the right technique for falling. Even if you are a trained skating master, there is always a possibility of falling off accidentally. When you are falling, try to slide down the ground to reduce the impact. In case you are not wearing knee pads, you must roll your body instead of sliding.

Mater Ollie and Other Tricks

Now, you are all set to learn Ollie and other tricks but don’t eye on hard tricks. For Ollie, follow the given steps.

  • Learn to pop the board by taking pressing at the back end of your board.
  • Try to jump while popping your board.
  • Bring your feet at the forward end when you are in the air.
  • Push both of your feet straight towards the ground to bring your skate down.
  • Try this jump while skating at a slow pace.

Safety Tips to Follow While Skateboarding

Skateboarding can present some serious safety hazards. It causes severe injuries that can turn into an emergency, too. There are certain safety tips that can ensure you skate safely. The tips and recommendations prevent accidents and injuries. Make sure you follow the below-mentioned safety tips while skateboarding.

Wear Protective Gear

Do not skip wearing proper protective gear while skateboarding. It includes a helmet, knee pads, and elbow guard.

Choose a Safe Environment

Choose a place for skating that is safe and does not cause any harm. Avoid skating in wet areas or surfaces that are irregular and rough. Be careful while riding behind a car or beside any moving vehicle.

Ensure Proper Equipment

It’s important that you look for equipment that is of high quality. Your skating equipment should be able to withstand rough rides and impactful turns. The high-quality boards like ToyerBee Skateboard come in sturdy construction and suit all-level skaters.

Follow the Right Technique

Stick with your basics. Do not try to do something that you haven’t learned. Focus on your technique and perform stunts that you are comfortable with. Once you master the technique, you can try your hands on difficult stunts too.

Where Can I Practice Skateboarding?

Flat concrete driveways, backyards, or other surfaces with no potholes or stones can be an ideal place for skateboarding. You can learn to skateboard in gardens or carpets if you are a beginner. Don’t be embarrassed to ride in public. Once you are trained with skateboarding, you can try going to skate parks too. Remember, skate parks can be a little intense for a beginner.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a great way to stay in shape and stay healthy, but it also provides a source of great entertainment. The right skateboard can make your entire experience fun. Make sure you follow the safety tips to avoid severe injuries and accidents.

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