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Lemon in Black Coffee fad leaves experts divided: Does it burn belly fat or not

Social media is full of trends and misconceptions. And these trends can sometimes cost a lot. Weight loss is the most common issue that almost everyone is worried about. Here’s another new trend or hack that claims lemon coffee drinks promote weight loss. This conflicting trend suggests that the lemon coffee combo helps to shed kilos.

But can this drink actually aid weight loss? Well, no doubt both lemon and coffee individually are very healthy and full of nutrients and antioxidants. People these days are popularizing lemon coffee fad which claims that this combo extensively helps in weight loss. They both individually promote healthier wellbeing.

How true is this trend?

Registered and experienced dietitian and nutritionist, Erin Palinski, said that adding lemon to coffee won’t promote weight loss, but drinking warm beverages and drinks can surely increase the feeling of fullness, which may lead to eating less and weight loss. From this source, it is important for everyone to know and realize that such claims can be bad for health. Thus, according to experts and nutritionists, this combination is not worth the hype. Also, it would be worth noting and understanding that consuming any one of them excessively can cause harm to the body in the form of side effects which can leave anyone disappointed.

Role of lemon in weight loss

Lemon is one of the most produced and consumed citrus fruits. It is considered best for its medicinal properties. Lemon is quite an excellent source of vitamin C, essential phytochemicals, and flavonoids. And the presence of these kickstarts the metabolic rate. Also, drinking lemon water daily helps in reducing inflammation. Lemon water, in general, is a low-calorie drink that is good for health and metabolism, prevents dehydration but it directly does not have any influence on weight loss or gain. In short, lemon water is good for metabolism, digestion, hydration, reduces heart risks, cardiovascular diseases, and provides immunity to the body. Nevertheless, lemon individually does not have any fat-burning properties.

Role of coffee in weight loss

Some people prefer a brewed cup of coffee for breakfast for an energy booster, mood uplifter. Black coffee has presence of chlorogenic acid which is said to fast track the weight management process. And a cup of coffee has presence of a stimulant called caffeine. Caffeine and its antioxidants are the main ingredients of coffee which are responsible for most of its health benefits. It improves overall brain function including mood swings, behavior, concentration, and energy levels. Moreover, it also suppresses the appetite which indirectly contributes to the weight loss journey. And there’s no solid evidence that coffee consumption leads to noticeable weight loss or body fat reduction. But it’s an excellent energy booster and pre-workout drink.

Does lemon-coffee drink actually help in weight reduction?

According to health experts and doctors, this lemon coffee combo is merely a fad that has no proof and no scientific evidence that it shows the contribution to weight loss. People who gain enough visceral fat and mass often start believing such trends in order to lose weight in weeks or months and these trends are not recommended by any dieticians. Lemon or lemon water is said to fire up the metabolism which indirectly helps and contributes to the weight loss journey. While coffee removes unwanted cravings and improves physical performance. But this combo does not come up with a major difference in weight. Lemon and coffee both are common food ingredients with beneficial effects on health and wellbeing but mixing both ingredients doesn’t offer any benefits. Thus at last it can be said that lemon- coffee drink as a whole isn’t a good option when seeking a weight-loss choice. This drink doesn’t provide any guarantee or assurance that one can shed pounds easily by just drinking a glass of drink. It’s all a myth. Although there are many other options one can easily go for weight loss with proven ways.

The Bottom line

Both lemon and coffee provide a wide range of benefits because of the presence of antioxidants. However, there’s still no scientific evidence or proof that supports the statement that coffee lemon helps in reducing weight. Though lemon coffee might not be the weight loss hack, it somewhat improves overall health and work life. Weight loss advice is mostly dispersed out on social media and its trends and other unreliable mediums and trusting such advice may harm health in the long run and also make someone gain weight, instead of helping them lose it. Thus, trusting the right sources is necessary, Healthcanal articles are medically reviewed by senior health writers and professionals. Though some Tik-Tok users also disagreed with this weight loss fad. Following such trends based on health and fitness can be problematic.

Losing weight is a very tedious process but worth it meanwhile, it’s also important to understand that without a good diet and exercise weight loss isn’t possible.

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Samantha Parker
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