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Best Children Quadrocopters Review

Today’s generation is rapidly mastering all the new products on the market of gadgets. And if you are thinking about a gift that can be not only a toy, perceived with delight, but also a subject that contributes to the development of motor and cognitive skills, a great way to spend time both at home and on the street, the drone for a child is the best option. Already at this stage, an interest can form, which grows into the occupation of a lifetime, whether it is drone building or working with video and photography.

Quadrocopters are not toys. Yes, they may look like toys, but they are not! Even the smallest of them can cause injury if you do not teach them to manage properly, and therefore it is extremely important to make it clear to their children that they are not in front of another toy. Teach them how to pilot simple models and gradually move on to more advanced quadrocopters!

At what age can a child buy a quadcopter?

To avoid various injuries, children under five years are not recommended to use copters without parental supervision. Each set is full of small details that attract attention. Curiosity can end with a tasting of a subject of taste or loss completely, with the further violation of the functionality of the system.

The first attempts to fly better under your supervision and in the open area to deal with the peculiarities of management and not to damage something valuable in the house. The main rule is not to run a children’s quadcopter on busy streets. Even though modern models are equipped with technology to prevent sudden falls, there is a (small) chance that something might go wrong. Therefore, make sure that children launch drones in places where there are no passers-by.


I know that many throw away the instructions that come in the kit. And we are talking in principle about any technique. However, in the case of quadrocopters, the instructions should still be studied. What for? At least because each of the unmanned devices have their differences. Despite the fact that the basis of their work are the same principles. All management features and details of the use of certain functions are described in detail in the manuals. That is why I advise you to take some time and read them. Who knows what useful information you will find in them. But one thing I can say for sure – you are sure to be able to surprise your children with their skills in piloting quadrocopters.

This children quadrocopters review contains all the information about drones that are best suited for children of all ages. All of them are sorted by several age categories and with a description of each model to help you navigate the variety of models in the market of unmanned devices.

Quadcopters for kids 5-6 years


SYMA X11CSyma is a well-known brand, which produces budget models for young children. The company has a wide range of products, where you can find a lot of interesting models. One of them is the surprisingly children’s quadcopter on the SYMA X11C control panel, which definitely deserves your attention.

Quadrocopter X11C is notable primarily for its sporty design and the presence of shields. Thanks to which the propellers will remain safe even during a fall or collision with anything. And the main advantage of the model is, of course, the presence of the camera. Here is a modest but reliable camera with two megapixels, allowing you to take low-resolution pictures.

Control panel Syma X11C with intuitive design and convenient buttons will allow the child to quickly get used to piloting the quadcopter. It is also worth noting that the model is equipped with led lighting, so it can be run in the air even at night. The range of this model is 30 meters, and the flight time – up to 8 minutes. Charging the device will take about 40 minutes. In General, Sy maX 11 C – is a great budget option, which is ideal for all children who want to learn the basics of piloting a quadcopter.

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JJRC H36 MINIJJRC H36 is not a complete quadcopter. This model is designed more to run at home, because it does not have a solid power. However, do not take it as a toy. High strength and several protective shields will allow the JRC H36 to survive falls from low heights and collisions with walls.

Surprisingly, at such a low price, the model has the so-called “headless” mode and the function of returning home at the touch of a button. Both of these features are useful for those who first control the quadcopter. Moreover, the model is equipped with a 6-axis stabilization system. Which provides a stable position in the air. But do not wait for a perfect flight in the open air, because the quadcopter is small enough, and even a light wind can knock it off course.

And the last (but not the value) fact: the flight time of the JRC is up to 6 minutes, and the charge will take about an hour (in fact, a little less). And the range is 30 meters, which is enough to run at home. Thus, we have a great model for a six-year-old child. And what do you think, is it really one of the best children quadrocopters review?

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AIR HOGS HELIX IONTalking about children quadrocopters review, it is necessary to mention the brand Air Hogs, which is quite popular in this field. The company has already released a number of outstanding models, each of which looks very worthy. And in this collection, we consider the model Helix Ion. This is a miniature quadcopter designed for home use. Of course, no one bothers you to run it on the street, but I would recommend to limit the closed premises. Why? Because it has a modest size, and it can carry away even with a weak breeze… and now it’s time to talk about the technical characteristics, and then we move on to the main functions of the device. So, let’s start!

Specifications.There is nothing superfluous or unnecessary. Manufacturers themselves indicate that the quadcopter is designed primarily for indoor launch, and therefore the range is so small – about 20-30 meters. The average flight time is 6-8 minutes, and it is important to note that the quadcopter uses simplified propellers, so energy consumption is minimized.

Camera and other functions. The model Air Hogs Helix Ion no camera, so let’s focus on other features of the drone. Let’s start with an amazing design. Even despite the low cost of the model, its quality does not cause any questions. This is a strong and reliable device that can survive more than a dozen falls. The quadcopter is equipped with three-bladed propellers with a protective layer on the sides and is able to make flips in the air at the press of just one button. It should be noted and pleasant-looking remote control, made in the same style as the quadcopter. As you can see, it has almost no disadvantages.

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In front of us, another child model from Air Hogs. However, the size of the Millennium Falcon is slightly larger than the Helix Ion. And another difference from the previous drone is that it can be safely run outdoors. You, of course, have already noticed that we are talking about one of the most popular spacecraft in the history of cinema. So if your child loves the universe of “Star wars”, then you know what to please… it Remains only to understand whether this model will be able to break away from the Imperial fighters.

Technical parameters. Air Hogs Millennium Falcon fully justifies its price and significantly wins against the same Helix Ion. This bird can fly at high speeds and has good indicators of maneuverability and air stabilization. The range of Air Hogs Millennium Falcon is 60 meters, which means that you can safely run it in your yard. The battery lasts for 5-7 minutes. And if you do not fly at full speed, you can stretch the fun and 8 minutes.

Camera and other functions. Millennium Falcon can not boast of having a camera. But this is more than offset by the incredible flight stabilization and intuitive controls. Any child will be able to quickly understand how to pilot this device. This model reproduces the sounds of the ship “Millennium Falcon”from” Star wars”. Bright lights and engine sounds will give you unforgettable moments of nostalgia for your childhood. We should also note the design of this copter. The model has a shockproof housing, thanks to which it is not afraid of falling and collision with various objects. So, if you want your child to become a fan of “Star wars”, like you, it is difficult to imagine the best gift. You’ll both be thrilled by the Air Hogs Millennium Falcon.

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SYMA X5C-1The X5C-1 is an updated version of THE x5c with an HD camera that allows you to take medium-quality pictures in the air. This is not the best of all possible options, but it has a number of advantages. Syma X5C-1 is perfect for children who are seriously interested in piloting quadrocopters.

The abundance of small parts on the body slightly spoils the overall design. However, the control panel Syma X5C-1, which is simple and easy to use, is a definite plus of the model. This quadcopter is equipped with a lithium-polymer battery capacity of 500 mAh at 3.7 V. flying Time is 7 minutes, but unfortunately, charging takes longer than expect. However, a good range (30 meters) and a decent flight time (for this price category) compensate for all the disadvantages of this model, making it a good gift.

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HOLY STONE F181WThis quadcopter for children 8 years, equipped with a chic camera, recording in the first person. Moreover, there is a bright backlight and a control panel, stylized as a controller from the game console. I’m pretty sure your baby won’t let go of it. But the quadcopter is remarkable and other features, which will be discussed below.

Technical parameters. Very popular among children Holy Stone F181W has a battery 1s capacity of 750 mAh. Full charge takes a little less than an hour and a half, and the flight time is 7-10 minutes. I note a large radius of action, which Holy Stone F181W is pretty impressive 80 meters.

Camera and other functions. First, a few words about the camera. As you can see, it is not integrated, but attached to the bottom of the case. For the safety of the camera is responsible stand, which, fortunately, does not block the lens, shooting in 720p resolution. As mentioned above, the drone shoots first-person video and supports Wi Fi. The radius of action is average-about 20-30 meters. Moreover, Holy Stone F181W allows you to adjust the speed of flight, can make a 360-degree turn and return home at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, there is no GPS system, so do not wait for the exact definition of the original location. But, given the reasonable price and a number of impressive features, this quadcopter is worthy of attention.

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UDI U818AUDI U818A from the manufacturer USA Toyz is currently the most popular children’s quadcopter in the price range up to $ 100. The secret of popularity lies in the stylish design, excellent quality and excellent characteristics of the model.

Among the functions of the UDI U818A is worth noting headless mode, which will allow even beginners to fly the device without problems. There is also a 6-axis stabilization system, led lighting, a button responsible for 360-degree rotation, and a 2MP camera. The kit also includes a microSD card with a capacity of 4 GB and an additional battery that increases the duration of the flight. The camera, though not the best, allows you to record videos with a resolution of 720p and a frame rate of 30fps, which is quite good, given the cost of the model.

One battery provides 10 minutes of flight, and if you use both at once, your quadcopter will last in the air for about 20 minutes. Add here the range of up to 60 meters, and you will understand why everyone is so excited about UDI U818A!

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ALTAIR AA108Drone Altair AA108 in great demand. What distinguishes this model? The main reason your kids will love the Altair AA108 is not its specifications. It’s all about luxury design, which attracts the attention of most buyers. But this is not the only advantage of an unmanned device. It is also worth noting the incredible stabilization in the air and the ability to keep a predetermined height, so Altair AA108 significantly exceeds its competitors.

If your kids want to record video from the air, they’ll love the 720p camera with a wide-angle lens installed on the Altair AA108. It allows you to record great videos and take crystal-clear pictures that can be stored on any media. One charge is enough for about 10 minutes of flight. The range is 100 meters.

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UDI U818 PLUSWe got close to the most famous in its price category quadrocopter, which probably already heard many. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the model U818Plus, released under the brand UDI. And it should be emphasized at once that despite the fact that we have a budget option, it has quite an impressive set of functions. And its low cost is only one of many advantages. So how good is this quadcopter? I’ll just say: this is a unique mixture of high quality and affordable prices that in our time is extremely rare.

Technical parameters. UDI U818Plus refers to quadrocopters that can be run both indoors and outdoors. All this is due to the robust housing and durable shield on the propellers, which are responsible not only for the safety of the quadcopter, but also for the safety of others. Will not disappoint and features UDI U818Plus. Flight time is 12 minutes, which significantly exceeds the performance of competitors. And the range in the area of 150 meters is able to surprise even experienced users.

Camera and other functions. The UDI u818plus camera is at a given quality level. A nice looking 2MP camera is attached to the bottom of the case and looks like one of the expensive Zenmuse models. Also worth mentioning is the first-person view recording and WiFi transmission, which is supported up to 50 meters away… but it depends on your smartphone. In addition, with the ability to maintain a given altitude, headless mode and button that is responsible for the takeoff and landing. UDI U818Plus has everything you need to captivate you for a long time.

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MJX BUGS 2WIf you have a teenager in the family, he will certainly want to get a gift more powerful quadcopter than the models described above. In this case, we recommend to pay attention to the model MJX Bugs 2W. This is a great drone with high quality, impressive performance and a number of outstanding features. In terms of price-quality ratio, this is one of the best quadrocopters on the market. Just look at its functions.

Technical parameters. The characteristics of this model can not be called other than stunning. It is much more powerful than its predecessor Bugs 3, which once enjoyed incredible popularity. The flight duration of the MJX Bugs 2W is 15-18 minutes. And this is not surprising, given that the drone is lighter and smaller model Bugs 3. On Board is a lithium-polymer 2s battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh, but, unfortunately, the device, unlike its predecessor, does not work with 3S batteries. And finally, the range is about 500-800 meters, which really deserves praise from manufacturers.

Camera and other functions. If you haven’t noticed, the quadcopter has two huge eyes (that’s why the line of models is called Bugs – “Bugs”), and a miniature camera is installed in the lower part of the body. And it is worth noting that this is a very good camera – it is able to record video from the air in 1080p. What’s more, the letter W in the title indicates WiFi support in first-person video shooting mode. Depending on the smartphone, the data transmission range is from 200 to 500 meters. Keep in mind that it uses 5GHz WiFi, which means that you will need a device that supports 802.11 ac.

Before us is a full quadcopter with GPS support. This means that the Return to home and altitude Hold functions work using GPS. The first, as you can guess from the name, returns the quadcopter to the take-off point. And holding the height will allow the device to automatically stay at the selected level, which is extremely convenient for selfies. The MJX Bugs 2W also has a headless mode, which should be appreciated by all beginners in the field of piloting quadrocopters.

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PARROT BEBOP 2Another model from Parrot, Bebop 2, is a major update to the AR 2.0 Elite. Among the main innovations: a unique control panel Skycontroller 2, significantly increasing the range, and VR-glasses supplied. They allow real-time first-person to observe the flight of the quadcopter in virtual reality, and this is the only model in the list with this feature.

Bebop 2 attracts not only with its VR features. Take, for example, a 14 MP camera recording Full HD video and attached to a 3-axis digital stabilizer. The camera allows you to shoot high-quality videos and photos from the air and allows you to see even the smallest details in the environment. The drone uses a battery capacity of 2700 mAh, which is enough for 25 minutes of flight. A remote control Skycontroller 2 to increase the range of up to 2 kilometers, which, together with all the other characteristics, allows us to call this model is really unique!

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Features that will facilitate flights

  • HEADLESS MODE – this mode will help you a lot during the first flights. If you are having difficulty piloting a quadcopter, this mode will allow you to focus on the direction of flight of the device rather than its orientation. If you rotate the stick on the remote control to the right, and the quadracopter fly right, if you turn back he will fly back, etc. This greatly simplifies piloting;
  • ALTITUDE HOLD is another feature for beginners that makes piloting easier. It ensures that the altitude is maintained – this means that you do not have to constantly monitor the flight level manually. If you want to concentrate on shooting the environment, this is the best way to get high-quality and clear pictures;
  • FIRST-PERSON VIEW – the first-person view, or FPV, allows you to take a picture directly from the quadcopter camera. And in real-time! Just imagine – you can experience the feeling of flying by simply connecting a VR headset to a quadcopter with a first-person view function. Just take the remote in your hands and go flying. But keep in mind that when using FPV should not include headless mode, as this will complicate management and can lead to the fall of the drone;
  • RETURN HOME – if your quadcopter is out of sight during the first flight, I am sure that you will at least be alarmed. After all, no one knows where he can fly, being out of range, and on whose head he can land. This is not the most pleasant situation, and the only way out of it is the “Return home” button, which does exactly what you expect from it. It returns the quadcopter to the take-off point using its built-in GPS module. So if you find yourself in this position, just press this button to return your quadcopter safe and sound.

Tips and conclusions

Do not throw away the drone after the first failure — if the quadcopter suddenly stops working, no need to worry. And, of course, do not throw it away (and some parents do so). The fact is that most problems can be fixed in just 5 minutes or even less. We hope that our children quadrocopters review will help you in choosing the best quadrocopter.

In most cases, motors or speed controllers (ESC) are the first to fail. They can be easily replaced at a reasonable price. At the same time you can show your child how the drone works. Sometimes the problem is battery failure. Remember that if you do not recharge the lithium-polymer battery for a long time, it can fail. Even if you do not use the copter, recharge it at least once a month. No need to throw away the device. Disassemble it, find the source of the problem, and decide whether to fix it. The drone will be useful not only for entertainment, but also for training your child. You can clearly explain how flights work in three directions, and show what parts is an unmanned device. Or show how to connect the motors and the flight controller, how to attach the camera and which wires are responsible for the performance.

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