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How to choose tablets for kids?

Modern man, especially successful, must be able to use the latest means of communication: phones, smartphones, tablets. As with everything else, the use of gadgets need to learn, and should begin to learn as early as possible.

Many parents begin to think about how teach kid use tablet from childhood, but there is no sense in buying a smartphone for a child. Because the functionality is too large and will not be used, but the tablet computer is the most. At the same time, a number of questions arise. Which tablet is better to choose? Wouldn’t that hurt my baby? How much time a day you can use it and many others.

Advanced parents understand that the need for development of such a “toy” is great, and buy a gadget at your own risk. So, how to choose tablets for kids?

Tablet features

For kids tablet, the most important is the matrix-processor bundle. The matrix should give the highest quality image (resolution, brightness, anti-glare, natural colors, viewing angle) for the money that you can afford. Processors (usual and graphic) are responsible for speed of drawing, smoothness of movements, comfort of a game. Weak processors shamelessly spoil the game, especially if it has a lot of” beauties”, something moves, constantly there is a voice. In some tablets, video clip built into the game slows down during playback. The child is seriously upset if something unpleasant happens to his favorite characters – they hang, move in spurts or start wheezing.

Display should be very high quality in the picture and in the viewing angles. It is also important that the response when you press small fingers was adequate – fast and accurately positioned.

Try to play puzzles on a tablet with a cheap matrix – then you “lose” a piece of the puzzle, then pull the fragment in spurts, and even worse – you think that you put correctly, and it is positioned inaccurately. The child will play reluctantly if the game does not go easy if he does not feel the “instrument”. And worst of all, if he does not achieve the desired result and will consider himself insufficiently skilled and dexterous. Try to explain to him later that it is not his fault. But something “slows down” or “sluggishly responds” in the device itself.

How check tablet

How check tablet?

Taking tablet, look at the screen from different angles, check for glare (come closer to the window). Run some game with beautiful graphics, preferably with moving characters and try to play for yourself. If you feel that there is a slight mismatch between your action and the response of the game – put the gadget aside.

If you have not bought the device can not cope with toys, what will happen to it when you put it on a lot of different “useful” applications. Which, by the way, can work in stealth mode, and you will not even know about it. Games become more and more sophisticated-if the device slows down now. With new games in six months or a year the situation will be even more deplorable.

As for the body, rubber pads, bright colors, large buttons (supposedly easier to find and press). And other attributes, it’s all good, but secondary. If you buy a digital device, it is digital capabilities should be on top. Otherwise you risk the most important-the child will be uncomfortable and uncomfortable to play with device. Agree that what it will be in this color, it will not matter.

Tablet computers allow child not only to have fun. Contrary to popular opinion, it is also a very powerful means of communication and development thanks to a variety of training programs: dictionaries, readers, puzzles and so on. In games, children can compete and reach any heights. Even if it is not the form of competition to which we are accustomed. A school-age child needs the full functionality of the gadget: a camera, ability to exchange data with other devices, speed of device, quality of screen, stylus – in General, everything that is capable of engineering, will be useful. The main thing is that you and your miracle understand that this is not just a fancy fashionable toy, but a way to learn, playfully!

Tablet safety for children

As for vision and hours of use, here, as in the case of the TV-it is better not to abuse. Although tablet is very attractive as a nanny, but it’s still an Internet connection, so parents should not forget about safety. Here we are trapped by many insidious traps: here and advertising, and obscene language, and adult content, not always at first sight distinguishable from children.

Give child in the hands of such a volume of information and do not follow what he looks and does, is unacceptable. Thus, we come to the main criterion for choosing a tablet – a flexible, customizable operating system with the ability to block unwanted content in all possible ways. Ordinary parents come to the aid of IT-parents. They are the first to understand what threatens children and how to deal with it.

Today, there are free services that allow not only to block all unwanted content without giving the child the opportunity to turn it off. But also to direct its activities in the right educational direction, while giving children a certain freedom of action (for example, the family service FROLIK). While the child is all “sitting” in the tablet, parents can get all the statistics and a report on what child is doing (aged 2 to 9 years), what is interested in, and what to look for.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
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