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Tablet for kid. Which tablet buy for kid?

Laptops, cell phones, e-books, tablets, smartphones filled the shelves, settled in the portfolios of business people and in ordinary homes. Because of too fast and sharp appearance of them in our daily life there is no unambiguous and only correct opinion how to present all these accessories to children and whether it is necessary to acquaint them with such equipment from an early age. Which Tablet for kid to choose?

Today we will focus on tablets and their need for a kid. The tablet is a great substitute for a laptop and is designed more for entertainment. On a small and very convenient flat gadget it is easy to watch photos and videos, movies, read books, search for information on the Internet. Share experiences on social networks, communicate via Skype, learn, make plans and much more. But does a child need a tablet when it is really worth buying and for what purpose?

The main functions of the tablet for kid

Only children’s tablets do not exist, although some manufacturers offer special “kids” models of these gadgets. The main functions are practically the same, so I will explain them all from the point of view of usefulness for kid:

  • Organiser. Tablet for kid can be a good notebook, special programs make it convenient and practical. Children, for example, can record homework, use electronic textbooks, send work to the teacher for verification. This function can be useful for children from 8-9 years old;
  • Internet communication. Telling my grandmother on Skype about their successes is not bad. But do young students need virtual social networks? Communication with a tablet is a function for those who are more than 13-14 years old;
  • Watching movies. This is probably the main thing that makes the tablets the kids. Some parents allow children to watch cartoons on these devices from a very young age – from 1.5-2 years;
  • Games. Of course, in special stores games for the tablet you can find useful, interesting and educational toys for a child aged 2 years. But let’s be honest: children love the simplest and classic computer games, the benefits of which are very questionable. The only plus – a good mood of  child;
  • Reading. Some children’s models are equipped with very comfortable and well-made programs for reading. Words are highlighted when reading aloud, pleasant music plays, and the child is interested in this activity;
  • Surfing the net. The search for information on the Internet is limited to parental control functions. This means that the system will not give out sites that can badly affect the baby (elements of cruelty, eroticism, etc.). But as far as such systems are effective and reliable, it is difficult to judge.

How the tablet affects children’s health: the opinion of experts

If you look objectively, despite the many useful features, the tablet is an expensive and beautiful modern toy. Before you buy it for your baby, think about how the passion for the tablet can affect the health of the child. Ophthalmologists have a very negative attitude to all sorts of technical devices for children. As a child, we were forbidden to watch TV more than an hour a day. Today, this restriction has not changed, but in addition to the TV here also added sitting at the computer, playing on a mobile phone, as well as the use of a tablet. The smaller the monitor screen, the simpler and cheaper the device, the more it affects the child’s vision. In addition, the distance between the eyes and tablet for kid is very small.

The vision of children deteriorates very much from such stress, even more than when watching TV. The most serious mistake of parents-to give the kid to watch cartoons on the way. When driving eye strain is amplified three times, they get tired much faster. From the point of view of physical development of the child games on the tablet badly affect the formation of the spine, correct posture. In 99% of cases, children keep it as comfortable lying on the couch, on the floor or in a chair. Also be sure to read our review on the camera for kids LeFun 1080p.

And another important aspect. On the one hand, banal and simple children’s games muffle thinking and limit imagination. But, in turn, interestingly constructed logical tasks make the child think, develop the reaction speed and the ability to plan actions.

Having your own tablet-often for a child means only that he is not deprived of attention and care. If friends have such gadgets, why don’t I? You can not just forbid the baby to even think about the tablet, you need to explain why he does not need. Not to buy-much easier than to buy, and learn to use correctly and rationally.

At what age can a child buy a tablet?

Some parents buy tablets for children in 1-2 years, for games and cartoons. Others pull with it to 9-10 years, and even longer. Special children’s tablet models from manufacturers are designed mainly for children 3-7 years. Their specificity:

  • Relatively low cost, and hence low technical characteristics (screen resolution, memory, functions, etc.);
  • Robust housing, additional protective cover;
  • A simple set of games for kids;
  • Parental control function (limiting the sites that can be visited by the baby, as well as limiting the time of use of the device per day).

Buy a child tablet up to 3 years is definitely impossible. First of all, he doesn’t need it. At this age, children find hundreds and thousands of interesting activities, they explore the world, and they should not replace it with virtual.

How to be with children 3-7 years? Much depends on the traditions of the family. If mom and dad are constantly using the tablet, the child’s interest in it will be natural. Now you can show him some functions (for example, to chat on Skype with grandpa), to establish a useful educational game that will arouse baby’s interest in mathematics, music, drawing, etc. But to buy a separate tablet child too early.

Probably a good age to buy tablet for kid – Junior school. During this period, the child learns to be responsible, independent and adult. But it is not enough just to buy him a gadget. It is necessary to immediately and very clearly define its place in the life of the child. Let it be part of the day, like swimming, lesson or walk. But not filling all the free time.

Why primary school is better? During this period, children feel more responsibility for themselves. They try to be like their parents, assert themselves and understand when things are right and when they are not. Teenagers are more categorical, they are fond of immediately and very much, and the opinion of parents no longer plays a special role. At this age, it will be much more difficult to teach a child to use the tablet correctly.

How to use the tablet to good use?

It is not necessary to exclude from the life of the child “harmful”, according to parents, devices (remember yourself, and simple game consoles, popular in those days). But the rules of behavior with tablet for kid should be clear and unambiguous:

  • Use it no more than 30 minutes a day;
  • Do not fill with games all your free time;
  • Do not use as a reward;
  • Don’t watch movies on the road;
  • Control what games the child chooses;
  • Watch or play together, discuss tasks and share ideas;
  • Teach your child to plan work on the tablet;
  • Be sure to alternate games.
How to use the tablet to good use
Tablet for kid it’s very funny

How to choose a tablet for kid?

If you still decide to buy a child tablet, use the tips when choosing the technical parameters of the gadget:

  • Screen. For a child of 6-7 years old, a 7-inch tablet is suitable, for older students it is better to choose a 10-inch. At the same time, the screen resolution should be high enough so that the eyes do not get tired (at least 1200*800). Pay attention to the type of screen. Now the best technology is IPS, they have a good angle and a clear, bright picture;
  • Software. Now the main choice is between Android and Ios. Each of them has pros and cons. Statistically, parents spend more money on IOS games, on Android it’s easier to record movies and games through external devices;
  • Features and functions. As for the Internet, the child will have enough Wi-Fi function instead of 4G. Connectors for USB flash drives or external storage devices-it is always convenient and useful, as well as the ability to use memory cards;
  • Operating time. Good gadgets are able to work 8-10 hours without recharging. However, for children it is not so important, because their work with the tablet should be strictly limited.

Buying tablet for kid, immediately set the rules of behavior with him, as well as with the baby learn its functions and capabilities. Do not turn the game on this device in a way to occupy a child, do not leave him alone with the virtual world.

Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
Our lead experts-analyst, Alex Anderson, has reviewed hundreds of electronics devices, automotive gadgets, and other products in more than 10 years. He a journalist, software trainer, and sometimes Web designer. Alex writes news stories, columns, and reviews for us and other popular sites and publications.


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